Triplex Pump has large capacity.

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Reciprocating R-Series handles flows up to 320 gpm and pressures to 3000 psi. Designed for reverse-osmosis desalination applications, it has duplex, stainless steel heads and valve components and concentric, solid ceramic plungers. ISO-certified series offers continuous-duty performance. Spheroidal-graphite cast-iron crank case provides strength, vibration dampening and flame/spark resistance. Applications include oil and gas processing and wastewater re-injection.

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Large Capacity Triplex Plunger Pumps

New R-Series energy-efficient, large-capacity reciprocating triplex plunger pumps for process applications. Three new models are available with flows up to 320 GPM and pressures up to 3000 PSI. These pumps have been designed specifically for Reverse Osmosis desalination applications with Duplex Stainless Steel heads and valve components and concentric solid ceramic plungers. All pump models are ISO certified with many special build models that meet API 674 standards for the oil and gas industry. These new large capacity pumps offer continuous-duty performance in many demanding applications such as salt water reverse osmosis, oil and gas processing, wastewater re-injection, chemical injection, underground trenching and pulp and paper processing. Custom designed Power Units are also available.


The standard liquid-end construction is Duplex stainless steel or optional 316SSL providing extensive fluid compatibility and service life.

The crankcase is of SG cast-iron [spheroidal graphite] offering strength, vibration dampening and flame/spark resistance for durability and added protection in hazardous environments.

Special blend packings are housed inside a Packing Cylinder to assure proper alignment and optimum service life. Easy access from the top of the pump permits servicing without removing the head or plumbing. These 150 Frame models feature self-lubricating chevron packings that require no adjustment.

Model Selection

Model   Construction  	Performance			

157R060 DUPLEX SS 115 GPM,1500 PSI,360 RPM OR 100 GPM, 2700 PSI,310 RPM

152R080 DUPLEX SS 200 GPM,1300 PSI,355 RPM OR 160 GPM, 1650 PSI,280 RPM

152R100 DUPLEX SS 320 GPM,825 PSI,360 RPM OR 260 GPM, 1000 PSI,295 RPM

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