Triplex Plunger Pump delivers 7,000 psi at continuous duty.

Press Release Summary:

For extended durability at 7,000 psi, Model 6801 features duplex stainless steel discharge manifold as well as 316 SS block-style head with optional flushed inlet manifold, providing cooling with high temperature liquids or added lubrication when pumping low lubricity liquids. EPDM, FPM, or PTFE seals are optional for liquid compatibility. Applications include hydrostatic testing, highway and runway cleaning, chemical injection, concrete demolition, and surface prep.

Original Press Release:

6801 Triplex Plunger Pump Delivers 7000 PSI

The new 6801 triplex plunger pump delivers 7000 PSI at continuous-duty performance. For extended durability at 7000 PSI, the new 6801 features a Duplex stainless steel discharge manifold. Like its sister 68 frame pumps, the 6801 triplex plunger pump also features a 316SS Block-style head with the optional flushed inlet manifold.

Custom Features:

  • Duplex Stainless Steel Discharge Manifold for extended life under high load

  • 316 SS Inlet Manifold and optional flushed Inlet Manifold providing cooling with high temp liquids or added lubrication when pumping low lubricity liquids

  • Easily serviced 316SS valve assemblies without disturbing plumbing.

  • Optional EPDM, FPM or PTFE seals for liquid compatibility.

    7000 PSI Applications:

    Hydrostatic Testing

    Highway and Runway cleaning

    Chemical Injection

    Concrete demolition

    Surface prep

    For more information on the new 6801 Triplex plunger pump or our complete line of High Pressure Pumps and Systems, please contact our communications manager at 763-785-5715, visit our web site under what's new.



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