Trihedral's VTScada Release 10.1 Includes Import Utility for M.P Electronics' SCADA-Ready Controllers

M.P. Electronics is pleased to announce that the latest release of Trihedral's SCADA software, VTScada, now includes an import utility for M.P. Electronics' SCADA ready controllers. The new utility allows VTScada to build all the tags, screens, and reports you would need to add one of our Controllers to any SCADA system running VTScada 10.1.

The M.P. Electronics Duplexer, Intrinsically Safe Duplexer, Station Controller SC1000, and Station Controller SC2000 can now be easily integrated into any VTScada monitoring and control application with just a few clicks of a mouse.

For more information, contact us at M.P. Electronics at 407-299-3825, or visit

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