TricorBraun Design & Innovation Wins Three National Awards

St. Louis, Mo., – TricorBraun Design and Innovation has won three Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) awards.

GDUSA is a national competition that embraces all aspects of graphic design. More than 9000 entries were received for the 2015 competition. TricorBraun Design and Innovation is a division of TricorBraun, one of the packaging industry’s largest suppliers of glass and plastic containers as well as closures, dispensers and tubes.

Instant Knockout

Stacked Brands, Leeds, England, teamed with TricorBraun to create a bottle shaped like a prize fighter’s fist. Among active young men who want to lose a couple of pounds, the bottle positions Instant Knockout as the tough new fat-burning supplement. The design won in the competition’s Health and Wellness category. The blow molded, 250ml bottle holds 120 capsules and is formed with polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified (PETG). Rather than a typical label, a tag is tied to the bottle’s neck and the black polypropylene cap is emblazoned with the company’s capital K red logo.


The GDUSA’s Food and Beverage--Nonalcoholic award was won by Mocktails which are nonalcoholic cocktails packaged in unique glass shaker-style bottles. The beverages only require ice, a shake and a cocktail glass.

Created by TricorBraun in alliance with Mocktails, the 21-ounce glass shakers are hot-filled with 18 ounces of beverage. A 77mm metal threaded closure is used to seal the bottle. Then, a TricorBraun-designed polypropylene decorative overcap is fitted over the metal closure to give the package that mixed-yourself look and feel. To assure the handsome shrink sleeve label remains elegant after the bottle is opened, a perforation is located just below the closure.

Oregon Ducks

In the Strategic Manufacturing category, TricorBraun also won an award for an Oregon Ducks Growler.

TricorBraun ( helps bring customers’ new and existing products to market by sourcing packing from more than 40 locations throughout North America and internationally from London, England: Guangzhou, China; Hong Kong, and Mumbai, India.

The award-winning, Design Innovation Studio gives customers forward-thinking service based on consumer insight, understanding of the markets and creative solutions. In addition, advisory services range from preliminary planning, manufacturing oversight to an array of innovative warehousing and logistics programs.

The American Package Design Competition is sponsored by Graphic Design USA, a news magazine published for the graphic arts industry that embraces all aspects of design. The American Package Design Competition is part of a national contest that embraces all aspects of design and includes advertising agencies, design firms, publishers and digital marketing companies. More than 9,000 entries are received from the entire graphic arts industry.


Michael L. Drohlich

Drohlich Associates, Inc.


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