Triaxial Accelerometer measures exposure to hand-arm vibration.

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Including Models SEN040F and SEN041F with 1 and 10 mV/g sensitivity, respectively, Series SEN04xF measures workers' exposure to hand-arm vibration (HAV). Devices feature miniature 4-pin connectors, heavy-duty cables that interface directly with HVM100 Human Vibration Exposure Monitor, and low-pass filtering circuits that minimize false readings from shock and mechanical resonances. Accelerometers can be mounted onto range of mechanical adapters for HAV studies.

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Larson Davis Debuts High Performance Triaxial Accelerometer Series for Measurement of Worker Personal Exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration

August 12, 2008, Depew, NY, USA - The Larson Davis division of PCB Piezotronics (PCB®) has announced the launch of a new series of high performance triaxial accelerometers, Series SEN04xF, designed expressly for taking measurements of worker personal exposure to Hand-arm Vibration (HAV).

Designed with special integral low-pass filtering circuits that minimize false readings from shock and mechanical resonances, Models SEN040F (1 mV/g sensitivity) and SEN041F (10 mV/g sensitivity) are smaller, lighter and more precise than typical sensors. SEN04xF series sensors can be mounted onto a variety of mechanical mounting adapters for HAV studies; feature miniature four pin connectors; and are available with new heavy-duty cables that interface directly with the Larson Davis HVM100 Human Vibration Exposure Monitor.

Exposure to high levels of vibration has been shown to cause permanent injury if left unchecked and untreated. Determining potential for injury from exposure to vibration should be considered part of a comprehensive ergonomic evaluation and risk assessment program. Model HVM100 provides a portable, practical means for quantifying exposure data on the job, whether work is performed inside manufacturing or process plants, or at the most remote agricultural, mining or construction sites.

Use of the Larson Davis Model HVM100 for Hand-arm and Whole Body Vibration measurement provides an easy and efficient way to obtain and document levels of exposure, proven to cause a wide range of potential injury, including Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS - also known as 'Vibration White Finger Disease', or VWF) and other more insidious physical effects. For detailed specifications and additional information about these and other Larson Davis products, please visit

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