Tri-Wheel AC Lift Truck is engineered for maneuverability.

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Featuring MicroCommand(TM) AC control system, ET3000-ET4000 series includes 3 models with capacities from 3,000-4,000 lb. These 100% ac drive motor powered, 3-wheel lift trucks have operator presence detection system and can handle uneven surfaces and trailer loading in demanding environments. Products allow for separate control of torque and speed, and individual thermal protection systems guard against overheating of pump motor, drive motor, and control panel.

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Cat Lift Trucks Announces Three-Wheel AC Powered Lift Truck

Fully AC Powered Trucks Engineered for Increased Maneuverability

Ideal for Demanding Environments

HOUSTON (March 23, 2006) - Cat Lift Trucks, the leading provider of quality and reliable lift trucks, introduces the ET3000-ET4000 series of 100 percent AC powered, three-wheel lift trucks. Featuring a MicroCommand(TM) alternating current (AC) control system, an advanced operator presence detection system and an increased range of motion and maneuverability, this series continues to provide Cat lift truck customers with the solutions and support they have come to expect.

The series offers three models with capacities ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 lbs, all of which are engineered for long-term reliability and the ability to handle uneven surfaces and trailer loading in demanding manufacturing, industrial and commercial applications. The innovative MicroCommand(TM) AC control system promises several benefits, including the elimination of redundant components typically found on off-the-shelf boxed systems and increased productivity through advanced MOSFET and thermal management technology.

Equipped with a 100 percent AC-drive motor, the ET3000-ET4000 series delivers improved energy efficiency and quiet operation along with top travel, lift and lowering speeds in the industry. Operators are able to control torque and speed separately, allowing for optimum driving performance and a significantly reduced turning radius. Additionally, these trucks are designed with individual thermal protection systems that guard against overheating of the pump motor, drive motor and control panel; therefore, minimizing heat-induced complications and downtime.

In addition to increased maneuverability and productivity features, the ET3000-ET4000 series takes operator comfort far beyond industry standard. To reduce operator fatigue, the new lift trucks feature a full suspension adjustable vinyl seat that provides weight and lumbar support. In addition, these trucks offer a wider view between the mast channels providing good visibility of the forks, loads and surrounding environments necessary to handle heavy loads.

In line with Cat Lift Trucks legendary commitment to customer service, the ET3000-ET4000 series features interchangeable components and intelligent diagnostic software that facilitates efficient parts replacement and reduces planned maintenance. Supported by the most comprehensive customer support network in the industry, these three-wheel AC lift trucks come with 500-hour service intervals and field support from the Cat Lift Truck dealer network. The new ET3000-ET4000 series offers double the time between service intervals, while cutting predictable downtime and planned maintenance costs in half.

About Cat Lift Trucks

Cat Lift Trucks is Everything You've Come to Expect.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Cat Lift Trucks provides quality, reliable lift trucks backed by industry leading customer service and support. As a first-class material handling manufacturer, Cat Lift Trucks is recognized for its total solutions-oriented, durable line of material handling equipment in both commercial and industrial applications. Dependable, long-lasting Cat Lift Trucks offers a full line of lift trucks with model capacities ranging from 2,200 to 33,000 pounds. For more information on Cat Lift Trucks' full product line, visit or call your local Cat lift truck dealer at 1-800-CAT-LIFT.

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