TRENDnet Helps WiFi Users Avoid Traffic with New Super AG Wireless Family

TRENDnet's New 802.11AG Wireless Product Line Adds a Less Congested 802.11a 5Ghz Data Highway to Help WiFi Users Avoid Potential Wireless Interference

TORRANCE, Calif., Sept. 14 -- TRENDnet, a best-in-class networking manufacturer of wired and wireless networking solutions today announced it is shipping its Dual Band 802.11AG Wireless product family. The products and Average Selling Prices (ASP) reflect the following: TEW-511BRP 108Mbps A+G Router - $129.99, TEW-510APB 108Mbps A+G Access Point - $139.99, TEW-501PC A/G PC Card - $49.99, TEW-503PI A/G PCI Card - $49.99 and TEW-504UB A/G USB Adapter - $59.99.

The Router and Access Point products allow 802.11a, b or g wireless clients the ability to connect on two independent 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz WiFi networks without conflict. The user now gets two networks in one, while the client adapters allow users to switch seamlessly between 802.11a, b or g networks.

Over the past several years a number of wireless products have been designed to use the 2.4Ghz frequency as their preferred channel for communication, such as 802.11b/g Wi-Fi adapters, cordless phones, baby monitors and microwaves. As the 2.4Ghz frequency becomes more crowded the potential for wireless interference goes up. By adding an 802.11a network that operates on a 5Ghz frequency, home or office users can easily avoid the traffic by sending data on an entirely different data highway, thereby helping to assure a reliable connection. This is especially important for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) conversations or streaming audio or video.

"By supporting all IEEE 802.11 standards, users get the benefit of less interference without sacrificing compatibility," states Pei Huang, President of TRENDnet. "The goal is to ensure compatibility across all TRENDnet wireless products even as new performance enhancing technologies arise. Our Super G platform is the next step in our effort to offer faster, more secure and more reliable wireless connections to our customers."

In addition to the new AG line, TRENDnet is also launching its Super G and Super G with MIMO Smart Antenna Technology wireless product families based on the Atheros platform.

About TRENDware

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