Trend Micro Promotes Layered Messaging Security

Strategic Security Layers Provide Comprehensive Messaging Protection to Safeguard Email and Other Methods of Electronic Communication

CUPERTINO, Calif., Feb. 26 // -- Trend Micro Incorporated (NASDAQ:TMIC), a leader in network antivirus and content security, today revealed key advances to its layered messaging security strategy. Layered messaging security within the Trend Micro(TM) Enterprise Protection Strategy framework helps enable improved, comprehensive messaging protection in large organizations.

A layered security approach guards against combinations of internal and external threats including spam, phishing, viruses and other malware as well as bulk mail attacks and threats to data security. The success of a layered security approach depends on the deployment of the most appropriate types of protection at the most effective points in the network. Trend Micro helps organizations deploy the right mix of products and technologies at the proper points of their IT infrastructure to effectively and efficiently mitigate the business risks arising from various messaging threats. This includes email protection, complementary Web security, and extended messaging security, protecting various methods of electronic communication on which organizations increasingly depend.

Threats to the messaging infrastructure have become more sophisticated and harder to detect. Different types of email attacks are often combined to create blended threats and attacks often extend across both messaging and the Web. Email security can block emails with links to malicious Websites, while Web security can block dangerous transmissions and downloads. In light of this growing complexity of threats, an integrated, layered defense is required to provide comprehensive threat protection.

Email Protection at the Core of Messaging Security

Corporate email has become the primary means of business communication, making it crucial to protect this critical correspondence. Trend Micro places layered email security at the core of its approach to messaging protection. Both gateway email security and mail server security are needed to provide complete protection.

The gateway is the earliest and most efficient point to stop attacks that originate outside of the organization and is the only point at which incoming spam, phishing, and bulk email attacks can be completely blocked from entering the network, preserving bandwidth and storage. It is also the last opportunity to stop sensitive information from leaving the network. To best address threat prevention at the gateway, Trend Micro is releasing enhanced versions of the Trend Micro InterScan(TM) Messaging Security solution in multiple form-factors: software, appliance, and a new hosted service. By integrating powerful technologies, including reputation services, anti-spam, and antivirus scanning engines, as well as content filtering, Trend Micro provides customers proven, reliable email gateway security protection.

There are also many threats that originate within the organization and are most appropriately addressed at the mail server. The mail server is the only central inspection point for internal communications, the first opportunity to look at outgoing email, and often the place at which storage, archiving, and regulatory requirements are addressed. Mail server security also provides the ability to continue inspecting incoming messages and routinely scan the mail store. Trend Micro ScanMail(TM) provides businesses comprehensive mail server protection against inbound, outbound, and interoffice email security risks. It is available for Microsoft(TM) Exchange with a new Microsoft Exchange version released soon, and is also available for Lotus(TM) Domino(TM).

"Email is the primary communication tool for most businesses. However, internal and external email threats continue to pose security challenges to business," commented Brian Burke, research manager at IDC. "An integrated and layered approach to messaging security is needed to protect against the multiple types and entry points of messaging threats. When provided by a single vendor, an integrated solution can offer a cost effective alternative to a multi-vendor approach in addition to offering easier management and support."

Extended Messaging Security Goes Beyond Email

In addition to providing extensive Web protection, Trend Micro's Web security products provide complementary protection for messaging security. These products stop transmissions to phishing related Web sites, scan Web mail for viruses, and prevent the download of pharming crimeware, key-logging Trojans, and other malware, that threaten confidential information, often from malicious sites promoted in email. To achieve comprehensive messaging security, organizations need protection that spans email and Web-based protocols.

There is growing awareness of the need to secure additional electronic communication and collaboration tools. This need mirrors the growth in use, attacks and often compliance obligations associated with these tools. For customers using a Microsoft network environment, Trend Micro has extended its proven security technologies to protect Instant Messaging and collaborative tools, creating a "better together" approach to security.

"Attackers continue to create new and more sophisticated threats. Organizations need messaging protection that can defend against single threats and blended threats, including attacks that expand beyond messaging into the Web and other network points," said Max Cheng, general manager of Trend Micro enterprise business operations. "Trend Micro provides integrated and layered multi-threat messaging security as part of its Enterprise Protection Strategy. By using a single vendor for security with simplified updates, coordinated administration, and for all network security support, our customers are given a more complete security defense with a lower cost-of-ownership."

This layered approach helps enterprises maintain the security and availability of critical messaging and other IT infrastructure. It helps minimize administration, improve employee productivity, and reduce infrastructure cost. At the same time, Trend Micro helps organizations mitigate the risk of data leakage and misuse helping to prevent legal or regulatory expenses, the loss of customers, and the erosion of corporate reputation.

Enterprise Protection Strategy

Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy provides a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to network security. This strategy is the most effective security solution framework available for today's enterprise, protecting every network endpoint from the gateway to the desktop. Trend Micro messaging security can be integrated with other Trend Micro security products to achieve this holistic protection. All products in the Enterprise Protection Strategy are centrally managed through Trend Micro Control Manager(TM) for a coordinated defense against network threats.

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