Trek Aerospace and VersaLogic Corp. Soar with New Generation UAV

The OVIWUN is the first unmanned aerial vehicles employing powered-lift technology.

OVIWUN's intelligence resides inside its VersaLogic PC/104- Plus CPU, the Puma, which maintains the delicate thrust and angle balance of the powerful dual duct system used to control the vehicle. Trek's ducted fans offer 50% to 75% more propulsion than other ducted fans. This means greater lifting potential than vehicles like electrically powered helicopters; wh ich translates into significantly more payload.

"We chose VersaLogic embedded computers because they are robust and reliable, and because VersaLogic stays on top of ever-advancing technologies," said Harry Falk, president of Trek Aerospace. Falk adds, "They are incredibly responsive in supporting our efforts to embed their products into our platforms, and they listen to our feedback."

The OVIWUN weighs approximately six pounds, can easily fit in a backpack or small case, and is equipped with a fully functional GPS system for autonomous flight and position control. The powered-lift technology allows it to fly into tight spaces or to hover in one spot, capture still or video images, and to send real-time data back to the user. Optional night vision cameras allow OVIWUN to be flown into caves, dark buildings, and tunnels.

Like many OEMs, Trek Aerospace needed an embedded solution with long-term availability and excellent support. VersaLogic's RoHS-compliant Puma platform was selected, as it draws only 5W during operation and less then 800mW in standby mode. With 3 USB ports, 3 COM ports, an LPT port and a 10/100 Ethernet interface, the Puma is appropriate for light-weight, mobile applications where low-power is essential.

About Trek Aerospace

Trek Aerospace has been designing, building and testing a variety of manned and unmanned powered-lift VTOL vehicles for over a decade. They have teamed with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and NASA to develop and test these vehicles. For more information, visit .

About VersaLogic Corporation
A leading supplier of industrial computers since 1976, VersaLogic focuses on high-quality board-level products for embedded OEM applications. Their 5-year product availability guarantee and outstanding warranties demonstrate a commitment to service. Product lines include EBX, PC/104, PC/104- Plus , and EPIC formats. VersaLogic has received the cherished "Platinum" level vendor rating, based on independent user surveys, for four years running. For more information, visit

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