Treater Rolls Take the Heat

PFE provides high-tolerance rolls for flame treating plastic films

(Orange, Mass.) - PFE Rolls offers high-tolerance treater rolls for flame treating plastic films prior to package printing applications. Designed to withstand high application temperatures, PFE treater rolls are engineered and produced to exacting customer specifications. Finishes include chrome plated or plasma coated surfaces. PFE also produces corona treater rolls for similar applications. PFE Rolls has the capacity to manufacture rolls up to 500 inches in length and 62 inches in diameter.

PFE Rolls, Inc.: (978) 544-7803

PFE Rolls, formerly KRH Rolls and previously a division of Perma-Flex Roller Technology, specializes in engineering and manufacturing rolls used in the paper, plastic, chemical, converting and food industries. PFE Rolls also produces custom AccuNip(TM) machinery used in web applications ranging from laminating, calendering, thermal bonding and cooling to web pulling and holding. For additional information on PFE Rolls, Inc., please contact Mike Hebert, general manager, at (978) 544-7803 or visit PFE's web site at

Mike Hebert, General Manager

PFE Rolls, Inc.

(978) 544-7803

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