Tray Sealing System helps extend product shelf life.

Press Release Summary:

SealMAX CTS-168L is available with CTS-168L MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) system. During sealing process, airtight chamber is formed. All ambient air is removed from chamber and package and replaced with desired gas mixture. Sealing in that environment, with residual oxygen level as low as 0.1%, disparages bacteria and mold growth which in turn promotes shelf life. System can seal trays with multiple compartments, and dual head tooling is also available for smaller containers.

Original Press Release:

James Dawson Adds SEAL MAX 168 Tabletop Modified Atmosphere Packaging System to its Product Offering

Plattsburgh, NY; James Dawson Enterprises announces three new SealMAX machines to its packaging solutions offering.

The CTS-168L MAP adds a Modified Atmosphere Packaging system to the CTS-168L sealing machine, making it one of the most affordable ways to extend the shelf-life of your products. All the features of the CTS-168L remain intact, but in addition during the sealing process an airtight chamber is formed, all the ambient air is removed from the chamber and the package and replaced with the desired gas mixutre, and the package is sealed in that environment. This allows for the package to be sealed with an residual oxygen level as low as 0.1%. Without oxygen bacteria and mold cannot grow, allowing for a dramatic increase in shelf-life in many cases. Like the CTS-168L, the CTS-168L MAP can accomodate most standard tray sizes overy a wide range of depths, and can seal trays with multiple compartments with ease - even sealing the dividers between compartments. For smaller containers like sandwich wedges, "dual head" tooling can be designed so that with each machine cycle two containers are sealed, effectively doubling your output. The CTS-168L MAP also boasts the SealMAX Quick-Swap tooling system, so you can switch containers in about 3-4 minutes. The CTS-168L MAP is perfect for small to medium production runs of foods, soups, salads, sandwiches, desserts, pastries, and any other items that need extended shelf life.

For more information, please scroll down review the list of SealMAX(TM) machine standard features.

Machine dimensions: 17 " x 17 " x 28 "H
Power requirements: 110V AC
Weight: ~170 lbs.
Peak Power Consumption: ~650W
Max. Container dimensions: Circular: 7" x 4"H**
Max. Container dimensions: Rectangular: 9" x 7" x 4"H**
Maximum Production (Single head): 600 pieces/hr (optimal)***
Maximum Production (Dual head): 1100 pieces/hr (optimal)***

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