Tray Rotator prolongs life of trays in pusher furnaces.

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Suited for use with pusher-type heat treat furnaces, Slider Tray Rotator flips alloy trays after each cycle, eliminating need for workers to manually rotate them. Systems can also be designed to lift basket, tote, or shelf from slider tray before rotation. Interface links to PLC, which operates system and is fully integrated with furnace controls. It features manual and automatic modes, position tracking, rotation scheduler, and auto-recovery capability.

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New Device for Heat Treat Pusher Furnaces Saves Thousands in Operating Costs

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (November 30, 2005) - HI-TECH Weighing Systems, a division of Powell Systems, Inc., announced their new Slider Tray Rotator for use with Pusher-type heat treat furnaces.

Alloy slider trays typically used in pusher-type heat treat furnaces often sag and warp over time as they continually pass through heating and cooling cycles. Deformed trays can become jammed in the furnace resulting in lost production efficiency in addition to the cost of replacement trays. When possible, workers will manually flip the tray over between cycles to reduce additional deformation and provide the opportunity for the tray to straighten on the next cycle.

The HI-TECH Slider Tray Rotator eliminates the need for workers to manually flip the trays by rotating them automatically after each cycle. This increases efficiency, reduces labor cost and potential worker injuries in addition to prolonging the life of the alloy trays. HI-TECH customers using the Rotator system have reported extending the life of their alloy trays by as much as 300%.

The Advanced Rotator system lifts the slider tray and shelf assembly, lifts the shelf, holds the shelf off the slider tray while it is rotated 180°, then replaces the shelf on the "flipped" tray. HI-TECH also designs Rotator systems to lift a basket, tote or shelf from the slider tray before rotation.

The Rotator's interface links to a PLC which operates the system and is fully integrated with the furnace controls. Features include a user-friendly operator interface, manual & automatic mode, position tracking, rotation scheduler, bypass features, rotation statistics and an auto-recovery feature. The Slider Tray Rotator can be designed to fit any pusher type furnace that uses a base tray or tray/fixture assembly.

Powell Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of material handling and automatic packaging systems based in the U.S. More information is available by contacting the company or visiting their website at More information on HI-TECH Weighing products is available on the web at

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