Tray Feeder handles range of semiconductor component trays.

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Model TF30 Automated Tray Feeder processes devices in and out of JEDEC and semiconductor-specific matrix trays during programming. Self-adjusting feature allows it to change tray configurations in seconds without need for operator adjustments. Batch Plus(TM) process allows component replenishment to feeder while host machine continues to program and process components. Model TF30 is compatible with PP and PS Series automated programming systems.

Original Press Release:

Data I/O® Corporation Introduces the TF30, the First Self-adjusting Automated Matrix Tray Feeder for A Wide Range of Semiconductor Component Trays

Redmond, WA, November 11, 2003 - Data I/O® Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO), the leading provider of advanced programming systems, today announced the introduction of the TF30 Automated Tray Feeder, the first self-adjusting, automated handling solution for processing devices in and out of JEDEC and semiconductor-specific matrix trays during programming.

With the throughput of today's off-line programming equipment exceeding 1000 devices per hour, operator interaction to replenish device matrix trays reduces throughput. To maximize throughput, the flow of programmable devices through the automated programming system must be continuous. Automating the tray replenishment process allows the host machine to program continuously, eliminating bottlenecks caused by tray replenishment resulting in throughput maximization. The TF30 Self-adjusting Automated Tray Feeder further improves machine productivity and maximizes flexibility by accommodating a wide variety of sizes and variations of matrix trays from Motorola, NEC, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba and many other manufacturers.

The side-mounted TF30 Automated Tray Feeder is a unique self-adjusting, high throughput multi-tray feeder designed to integrate easily with PP and PS Series automated programming systems, maximizing floor space by utilizing the existing machine footprint. The TF30's unique self-adjusting feature allows the feeder to change tray configurations in a matter of seconds without the need for operator adjustments to the machine or tray feeder, thereby eliminating operator time and error. The tray feeder accepts and feeds a wide variety of sizes and variations of matrix trays to the host machine's pick position with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. New trays of devices can be continuously replenished without removing the feeder or stopping the programming of the host machine. As a result, electronics manufacturers can experience more than a 30% improvement in machine utilization and flexibility immediately upon installation.

The TF30's unique Batch PlusTM process allows component replenishment to the TF30 tray feeder while the host machine continues to program and process components in and out of the loaded tray. "It is the unique Batch Plus capability of the Data I/O tray feeder that makes true continuous operation a reality," said Mark Briant, Data I/O Product Marketing Manager for Automated Systems.

"Operator intervention for an automated machine can be costly in terms of required labor and reduced throughput. The TF30 Tray Feeder offers a solution with significant benefits to electronics manufacturers, in terms of non-stop machine performance, usability and maximizing throughput," continued Briant. "Because the TF30 Tray Feeder is compatible with PP and PS Series automated programming systems, a valuable cost-effective expansion of current systems with immediate cost savings is possible. The TF30's tray exchange system is so fast that tray replenishment is achieved within machine takt time, providing a true non-stop system. The exchange action is so smooth even uBGA and small QFP microcontroller parts remain stable during tray transfer."

PS300® FlashCORE: Automated programming system for high volume programming

The PS300FC automated programming system accommodates up to twelve programmers (up to 48 programming sites), surpassing any throughput currently available. Combining the FlashCORE programming architecture with a high-speed handling capability, the PS300FC delivers the lowest programming cost per part in offline programming operations. This is accomplished by a combination of exceptional programming speed, reliable handler platform, system scalability, and software-based process control. The PS Series also includes the PS200 and PP100 automated programming systems.

About Data I/O
Celebrating 30 years of innovative leadership in the device programming industry, Data I/O Corporation® (NASDAQ: DAIO) provides manual and automated device programming systems that specifically address the requirements of engineering and manufacturing operations. FlashCORE(TM) is the architecture behind a family of programmers that deliver the highest throughput and lowest cost per programmed device. For memory, microcontroller and logic device support, Data I/O programmer families provide universal support and versatility to address a wide variety of programming needs. Data I/O Corporation is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, and has sales and service offices worldwide. For more information, see or call 800-426-1045.

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