Tray Dryer provides optimum heat uniformity.

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Featuring modular design, CakeStand Tray Dryer allows capacities from kilograms to large-scale production. Heat transfer system ensures heat uniformity across all heating plates, while optimum tray size, pivot door design, and front/back access minimize opportunity for overreaching or accidental spillage. Operating in down-flow booths, clean rooms, or in conjunction with PSL containment isolators, vacuum drying oven can meet sterile process requirements for drying toxic or sensitive products.

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PSL CakeStand Tray Dryer: Optimum Heat Uniformity for Enhanced Drying

PSL's CakeStand Tray Dryer introduces a unique heat transfer system that ensures proven heat uniformity across all heating plates.

The heating uniformity across the shelves of PSL's CakeStand Tray Dryer (above) has been tested using Thermocouple probes secured on the same 6 locations on each of the 4 shelves.

The temperature of the thermocouples was recorded with PicoLog software after 15 minutes of heating fluid circulation through the shelves once the temperature reached 60°. The findings are shown below...

· Highest Recorded Temperature = 59.7°C on Shelf No. 3

· Lowest Recorded Temperature = 57.7°C on Shelf No.4

· Maximum Recorded Temperature Variation = +/- 1.0°C

The Water Circulating Temperature Controller supply temperature fluctuation was recorded to be +/- 0.25°C

PSL's CakeStand Tray Dryer design overcomes the inherent difficulties of traditional tray dryers. This unique vacuum drying oven allows capacities from kilograms to large-scale production thanks to its modular design and results in better drying time thanks to a uniform direct heating system.

The patent pending design of the CakeStand Tray Dryer features enhanced ergonomics through optimum tray size, pivot door design and front and back access. These valuable features ensure less opportunity for overreaching or accidental spillage.

Total ease of cleaning is achieved by a completely open floor inside the drying cabinet with all heating plates hanging directly from the roof. The CakeStand design totally avoids hidden pockets or non-accessible gaps which can make the cleaning procedure problematic.

The CakeStand tray dryers can operate in down-flow booths, clean rooms or in conjunction with PSL containment isolators providing high containment when handling highly potent APIs and other highly active or cytotoxic compounds. They can also meet sterile process requirements when necessary for drying toxic or sensitive products.

The tray drying technology of PSL has been carefully developed with efficiency, ergonomics and safety in mind. A number of design features have been incorporated into the designs for ease of use and both operator and product protection.

- Laboratory to production scale sizes

- Containment to nanogram levels

- Sterile option available

· cGMP

· Easy cleaning

· Front and back access

· Rounded edges and corners

· Full vacuum

· Excellent heat transfer

· Ergonomic

· Pressure control

· High containment isolation technology

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Camille Flores - - +44 (0)151 448 7741

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Powder Systems Limited

+44 (0)151 448 7700

About PSL

Powder Systems Ltd (PSL) is an international manufacturer of filtration, drying and high containment isolator solutions for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries.

PSL has been established for 23 years and is an original pioneer of high containment systems such as isolators and gloveboxes. We have significant experience designing and engineering advanced containment processes for highly potent and valuable products including sterile, oncology, hormone and many other pharmaceutical compounds. PSL provides a full range of filtration, drying and contained isolator products for small scale production to full process systems.

Our products enable major blue-chip companies including the top 10 pharmaceutical organisations such as Pfizer, GSK, BMS and Sanofi Aventis to bring new generation drugs into the market place faster, using the latest technology in containment and production equipment.

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