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Travel Headphone offers frequency response from 10-21,000 Hz.

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Feb 23, 2010 - Model PXC 250-II features NoiseGard(TM) technology to screen out ambient noise. Neodymium magnets maximize frequency response and microphones, located in ear cups, pick up sound, analyze it, and then produce anti-noise to minimize ambient sounds. Headphone includes adapter that connects to flight entertainment system, 4.6 ft cable, volume control integrated into NoiseGard processor, and AAA battery that provides up to 50 hr operation. Unit folds and stores flat when not in use.

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation - Old Lyme, CT

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New PXC250-II Travel Headphone

Press release date: Feb 16, 2010

The PXC 250-II delivers a powerful, detailed sound with a frequency response from 10 to 21,000 Hertz

Old Lyme, Conn. - Whether by plane or train, travelers can silence surrounding noise anytime thanks to the PXC 250-II from Sennheiser, which builds on the heritage of the successful PXC 250 travel headphone. Because its improved NoiseGard(TM) technology effectively reduces engine noise, rumbling train sounds and other ambient noise, all that remains is perfect sound quality and an opportunity to completely relax.

Keeping out travel noise disturbances
Take off, and lose yourself completely-the PXC 250-II ensures you experience the most from your music when on the move. Thanks to high-performing neodymium magnets, the PXC 250-II delivers a powerful, detailed sound with a frequency response from 10 to 21,000 Hertz. To help listeners enjoy their entertainment undisturbed, the PXC 250-II is equipped with NoiseGard to screen out any intrusive ambient noise on journeys.

The patented NoiseGard technology has been used in international air travel for years, where it affords pilots better overall concentration while reducing fatigue. The principle behind the technology is that tiny microphones--which are located in the headphone ear cups--pick up sound from the vicinity, analyze it and then electronically produce anti-noise. The result is the cancellation of ambient noise.

A great-sounding travel companion
The PXC 250-II is a practical and agreeable travel companion. On planes, a special adapter provides an optimal connection to the in-flight entertainment system, while the long, 4.6-foot cable allows ample freedom of movement. It also features a convenient volume control integrated into the NoiseGard processor. The headphones are easy on batteries, providing up to 50 hours of undisturbed listening pleasure. Even without NoiseGard deployed, the sound is outstanding regardless of the musical genre, such as classical, rock, jazz or spoken word.

When not in use, the travel headphone can simply be folded and stored flat, taking up very little space in your carry-on luggage. The PXC 250-II uses just one AAA battery for the operation of NoiseGard, making the headphones even lighter and more convenient than their predecessor. Adding to the headphone's stability and comfort is a metal reinforced headband with soft padding on the inside. The PXC 250-II comes with its own carrying pouch, which has enough space within to hold a small MP3 player as well.

MSRP: $259.95

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