Trantech Radiators Provides Cooling Solution for Rusty Water Coolers

Trantech Radiator engineers designed a cooling package consisting of two manifolds and seven Trantech radiators; replacing an entire water-cooling system without the pumps and other machinery typically needed with coolers. The result is expected to considerably reduce the utility's maintenance cost.

A major South Eastern utility has an aging electric generating plant that has been operational since 1948. The plant has six identical Generator Step-Up (GSU) power transformers that were built by Westinghouse.

The transformers have been well maintained and the active parts are still in good condition. Each transformer has two water coolers that unfortunately did not enjoy the same long life span as the transformer. The coolers on all of the transformers had oxidized and were leaking. Because of environmental concerns and the potential hazards to the underground utilities, the company wanted to replace the water coolers with radiators.

In addition to eliminating the water, there were footprint constraints and budget considerations. A larger area was needed to mount radiators for the required cooling loads and the space between the transformers was limited. Upon review by the utility, the cost to replace the water coolers with new water coolers was more than what was allocated in their budget.

Trantech engineers, with the assistance of the utility's engineering group took great care to verify the mechanical dimensions and to develop a complete cooling solution to ensure the proper application of Trantech radiators. Detailed attention was given to make certain the radiators would dissipate the required heat load, at the desired top oil rise, without adversely affecting the oil flow through the core-and-coil structure.
A cooling package consisting of two manifolds and seven Trantech radiators replaced the entire water-cooling system without the pumps and other machinery typically needed with coolers. This is expected to considerably reduce the utility's maintenance cost on these six transformers.

Trantech radiators eliminated the "water" maintenance concerns, addressed the "footprint" issue through extensive application engineering work and provided the utility a cooling solution within a tight budget. The manifold and radiator package was 50% less expensive than traditional coolers.

In addition to addressing the utility's main concerns, they have seen additional benefits with improved thermal performance with Trantech radiators of lower transformer operating temperatures. On average, Trantech radiators reduced the transformer oil temperatures by 12°C, thereby further extending the life of the transformers.

Trantech Radiators is committed to serving the utility market by providing replacement radiators to retrofit any size panel type radiators, tube assemblies, electric coolers, water coolers and providing technical recommendations on other cooling needs.

For fifty years Trantech has been the leading supplier of panel radiators to OEMs and electric utilities for distribution and power transformers. Trantech's Flexoplate ripple design has distinct advantages over other types and styles of transformer coolers. The extended convective surface area of our exclusive design means Trantech Flexoplate radiators delivers outstanding heat transfer efficiency. By more efficiently dissipating heat, transformers will operate at lower temperatures and thereby minimize power loss. In addition, the "ripple" surface provides excellent strength, flexibility and rigidity, giving measurable reductions in vibrations and noise levels. Regardless of the nameplate on your transformer, chances are the radiators were made by Trantech.

Trantech radiators are available in the widest selection of transformer radiator sizes in the industry, allowing maximum flexibility when replacement radiators are needed. Plate widths of Trantech radiators include 9", 12", 15" and 20.5" (520mm). The availability of these various widths allows direct replacements for most radiators. This wide range of widths also provides easy replacements for radiators and tube assemblies of other sizes on transformers made by manufacturers worldwide

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