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Based on OCXO crystal, GOES-certified Model GHT uses ASCII programming format, allowing it to be programmed from any computer with terminal program using menu-driven commands. In addition to operating with Stevens and Vitel data collection platforms, transmitter operates as ASCII modem for use with 3rd party data loggers providing serial output. Applications include monitoring of streams and reservoirs, meteorological stations, tidal and port systems, and ground water.

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Stevens Introduces GOES-certified High Data Rate Transmitter for Environmental Monitoring Applications

Reliable transmitter simplifies data access, transmission and monitoring

PORTLAND, Ore. June 2, 2004 - Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc., a pioneer in providing technologically advanced water-monitoring information, introduces its newest GOES satellite transmitter, the Stevens GOES HDR (high data rate) Transmitter Model GHT. Part of a complete line of real-time telemetry-based instruments for government and industry, it offers an easy set-up procedure with multiple data loggers, and easy access to remote environmental data with higher transmission reliability. The GHT transmitter provides data communications capabilities for monitoring environmental conditions in streams and reservoirs; meteorological stations; tidal and port systems; ground water; and agricultural applications.

The Stevens transmitter was recently certified for use in the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) Data Collection System (DCS) by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and its National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS). The certification is required by NOAA / NESDIS for users to transmit environmental data over the GOES DCS. Stevens is one of only five companies to undergo the rigorous certification process.

"We designed our GOES HDR transmitter to meet the certification requirements, and also to meet our own objective to provide technologically innovative systems with easy data access and configuration for our customers," said Stevens' CEO Scott South. "The system increases the number of satellite communication products we offer for environmental monitoring, all built on our principle of engineering reliable and easy-to-use systems."

The Stevens transmitter uniquely uses an ASCII programming format making it easy to program from any computer with a terminal program using menu driven commands. No special software is required. Stevens also provides GHT Set, a Windows-based program for a PC or PDA, for communications set up between the GHT, data logger and GOES DCS.

In addition to operating with existing Stevens and Vitel data collection platforms, including Vitel VX1004s and VX1100s, the GHT operates as an ASCII modem for use with most third party data loggers providing a serial output. This enables customers to access data using their existing preferred system. The GHT transmits data in any format designated by the data logger and permitted by NESDIS.

The Stevens HDR transmitter provides higher transmission reliability through the more stable OCXO crystal, versus the TCXO crystal other transmitters are based on. Additionally the Stevens transmitter does not require a GPS lock before every transmission, increasing delivery reliability even if a GPS reading is missed.

Stevens designs, manufactures and sells its own GOES transmitter, direct readout ground system, and transmitter antenna, allowing Stevens to meet the full range of client needs. Stevens also provides an on-line GOES data reception, management and analysis service known as

Stevens has experience with both low earth orbiting satellite and geostationary satellite communications of environmental data. Stevens helped set up the environmental data transmission using the ORBCOMM low earth orbiting satellite system and, in 1995, was the first company to transmit environmental data using those satellites. Stevens is also the environmental monitoring Value Added Reseller for the ORBCOMM system. In addition to ORBCOMM's two-way satellite data communications and GOES DCS, Stevens continues to offer geostationary satellite communications using GMS and INSAT satellites.

About Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. manufactures and markets easy-to-use hydrological, meteorological and oceanographic monitoring instrumentation, accessories and information systems that help optimize water resource management and enhance forecasting. Stevens provides sensors, data loggers, as well as a complete line of wireless real-time data communication systems for government and industries that monitor and manage environmental conditions, with an emphasis on water resources. Additionally, Stevens is an environmental monitoring Value Added Reseller for the ORBCOMM low earth orbiting satellite system and one of a select few certified by the federal government for transmitting data via the GOES Satellite. Other Stevens services include engineering support on systems design, installation and commissioning; on-going monitoring station maintenance; and on-line Internet data collection, analysis and management. More information is available at or at 800-452-5272 (within the US) or 503-469-8000.

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