Transmitter Modules fit in space-constrained locations.

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Utilizing MPEG-2 compression to encode and decode video, Orion(TM) Mini-Mux VT/2 and VT/4 transmitter modules can directly insert 2 or 4 individual channels of video per module on to Orion Network. Bi-directional data and 2 contact closures can be used for voice, PTZ control, and alarm signal outputs. By equipping unit for use with second fiber, self-healing ring can be used. System includes current limiters and status indicating LEDs.

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IFS Adds Compact Version Of Orion(TM) Fiber Optic Communication System

Introduces Orion(TM)Mini-Mux - Reduced Size Version is Ideal for Those Applications Where Size is a Consideration

NEWTOWN, CT, JUNE 3, 2004, - International Fiber Systems Incorporated (IFS), a leading manufacturer of fiber optic transmission equipment, has announced another new product to further expand the capabilities of their highly regarded Orion(TM) Fiber Optic Transmission System. The new module, called the Orion(TM) Minimux VT/2 and VT/4 transmitter modules have the capability of directly inserting two (VT2) or four (VT4) individual channels of video per module on to the Orion Network, from a unit that is a much smaller than the standard Orion(TM) system. This new module is designed for use in locations where space is at a premium such as roadside control cabinets or external perimeter security locations. In addition to inserting 2 or 4 video channels, each module has the capability to insert 4 bi-directional data channels and 4 contact closure signals onto the Orion Network.

Like the other Orion(TM) video modules, the VT/VRNet and VAT/VARNet, the Orion(TM) Minimux VT/2 and VT/4 modules utilize industry-standard MPEG-2 compression to encode and de-code the video and high-quality fiber optic transceivers to set a new standard for video quality in applications where large numbers of CCTV cameras need active monitoring. The Orion(TM) Minimux VT/2 and VT/4 transmitter modules bi-directional data and two contact-closures can be used for voice, PTZ control and alarm signal inputs. By equipping the new Orion(TM) Minimux for use with a second fiber, a self-healing ring can be used for added network reliability. These new modules are completely compatible with the original Orion System and are best utilized in external locations where there might be enough space for the standard Orion(TM) rack and modules. The Orion(TM) System provides full "drop and insert" capabilities allowing any combination of the video and data signals to be added, monitored or extracted at any node within the system. All PTZ control functions are supplied by the camera manufacturer and are inserted directly into the system via the data input control port on any video output module. This allows the Orion(TM) System to be totally transparent all data encoding.

"There has been a need within the markets IFS competes for a cost-effective method of transporting large numbers of CCTV video, pan-tilt-zoom, access control, data for traffic signalization networks, and other signals from a given location." Said Dave Sinise, IFS Product Manager. "But in some locations, such as roadside traffic control cabinets and other situations where the available space is limited, there has been a challenge in using the standard Orion(TM) System. This new smaller size Orion(TM) Minimux will give system designers added flexibility in utilizing the Orion(TM) System for virtually any application." Sinise continued.

"We feel that there are many applications such as airports, rail stations, amusement parks and Intelligent Transportation Systems, where the need for large scale video monitoring and data transmission is critical," said Sinise. "This product's capability opens new doors that will maximize the use of the limited fiber that may be available to them." According to Sinise, "This is a great problem-solving solution for utilizing a facility's fiber optic backbone and in cases where the number of fibers allocated for additional systems other than the company's data network."

The Orion(TM) System is an extremely fault tolerant network when implemented with a second fiber. It provides total redundancy for a highly reliable network in a self-healing ring configuration. With an operating temperature range of -40ºC to +74ºC, solid-state current limiters and status indicating LED's, the Orion(TM) System also meets NEMA TS-1/TS-2 and Caltrans traffic signal control equipment environmental specifications.

International Fiber Systems superior engineering and world-class manufacturing capabilities enables IFS to offer our industry first Comprehensive Warranty.

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