Transmission Fluid Pan efficiently dissipates heat.

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Designed for Powerglide transmissions, TCI® Die Cast Deep Aluminum Pan incorporates heat dissipating inverted dimples that increase surface area inside pan and pull heat toward exterior of pan, ultimately lowering temperature of fluid. On outside of pan, exterior fins are slightly angled to create funnel effect, which maximizes air speed across surface. Pan has lightweight construction and features O-ring design that replaces conventional gasket, eliminating leaks.

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TCI® Die Cast Deep Aluminum Pan For Powerglide Transmissions

Newly designed transmission fluid pan from TCI® weighs less, cools more efficiently and holds more fluid than traditional sand cast pans

The engineers at TCI® have created a transmission fluid pan unlike any other. The TCI® Die Cast Deep Aluminum Pan for Powerglide Transmissions offers revolutionary features that every high performance automotive enthusiast will appreciate. This deep pan is the first of its kind. Inside, the pan incorporates patent-pending, heat dissipating "inverted-dimples" that increase the surface area inside the pan. These unique "heat suckers" pull heat toward the exterior of the pan - ultimately lowering the temperature of the fluid. On the outside of the pan, exterior fins are slightly angled to create a funnel effect which increases the air speed across the surface. Finally, the pans' exterior is black powder coated to absorb heat from the interior to further lower operating temperatures.

The die cast design is 1 ½ pounds lighter than the industry standard sand cast versions and does not suffer from the porosity issues that plague those pans. No volume is lost with the lighter design - in fact, the TCI® Die Cast Deep Aluminum Pan for Powerglides holds two extra quarts of fluid over standard designs. Unlike other pans, there are no more leaking gasket issues with the TCI® pan. A new o-ring design replaces the conventional gasket to ensure 100% sealing to stop chances of leaks and removes the need to replace gaskets when changing filters. The drain plug is also o-ringed rather than using the standard factory plastic washer.

For more information about the TCI® Die Cast Deep Aluminum Pan for Powerglide Transmissions or any other TCI® product, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit us online at

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