Transgenomic, Inc. Launches Next Generation HANABI-PIII Metaphase Chromosome Harvester

OMAHA, Neb., May 29 /-- Transgenomic, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: TBIO) announced today that it is launching the next generation HANABI-PIII Metaphase Chromosome Harvester at the Association of Genetic Technologists ("AGT") meeting to be held in Denver, Colorado from May 31 through June 3, 2007. The HANABI-PIII Metaphase Chromosome Harvester has been developed specifically for Cytogenetics laboratories and can process up to 64 suspension cultures per run from blood or bone marrow samples. Cytogenetics is the study of the structure of chromosome material. It includes routing analysis of G-Banded chromosomes, other Cytogenetic banding techniques, as well as molecular Cytogenetics such as fluorescent in situ hybridization ("FISH") and comparative genomic hybridization ("CGH"). The system greatly improves laboratory productivity by reliably automating the sample preparation process and providing consistent quality compared to manual methods.

The HANABI-PIII Metaphase Chromosome Harvester is the newest addition to Transgenomic's Cytogenetics automation product line. It compliments the previously introduced HANABI-PII Metaphase Chromosome Harvester that processes up to 24 samples. Transgenomic is the exclusive distributor in North America and key markets in Europe and Asia for these products manufactured by ADScience Technologies.

In announcing the product launch, Craig Tuttle, Transgenomic's President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "We are very pleased to extend the HANABI Metaphase Chromosome Harvester product line and provide such a dynamic productivity tool for the Cytogenetics laboratory. This is an important addition to our product portfolio which is exemplified by our WAVE(R) System platforms and our emerging CLIA and GLP Clinical Reference Laboratory and Genomic Analysis and Research Services."

To find out more about Transgenomic's Cytogenetics automation offerings, go to and click on Cytogenetics Automated Systems or contact Transgenomic at (888) 233-9382, +1 402 452 5400 or in Europe at +33 1 30 68 90 13.

About Transgenomic: A decade of discovery 1997 - 2007
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