Transformer Temperature Controller supports remote operation.

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Intended for dry-type and hermetic oil-filled transformers, NT-210 features control for cooling fans and full digital communication output protocols. Electronic TPL210 sensor, installed directly on transformer, controls oil temperature, vacuum pressure, sudden pressure rise, and liquid oil level. System reliability is ensured by full circuit self-diagnosis, and sensor data is transmitted via RS485 to NT-210, which can be directly installed on control panel, allowing remote control.

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Springer Controls Company Augments Its Powerful Line of Temperature Controls

Yulee, Florida — Springer Controls Company, a manufacturer and distributor of industrial and custom-designed electrical controls, offers a full line of temperature controls to the transformer marketplace throughout the United States and Canada. For ten years and counting, Springer has proudly served as the U.S. distributor for the Italian company Tecsystem, a major producer of electronic and electromechanical temperature control devices serving the transformer, motor, and drive marketplaces. In addition to providing a variety of fan relays, cooling fans, sensors, and accessories, Springer Controls focuses on the distribution of several primary models of temperature control devices.

Springer's T-154 Temperature Controller utilizes the most advanced technology available and is ideal for up to four thermal alarm channels for the temperature control of resin and dry-type transformers as well as electric motors and generators.

The T-2612 Temperature Controller is similar to the T-154 but features a large front-panel display along with a prominent three-digit temperature display. It is primarily designed for use with high-powered fan/cooling systems. Additionally, these units can be outfitted with analog (4-20mA) or digital (Modbus) output.

Tecsystem's state-of-the-art NT Series of temperature control systems for electric motors and generators consists of the NT-935 (four channel) and NT-538 (eight channel) temperature controller units, along with modular components such as digital or analog converters and relay units. Each of the controller configurations is fully adaptable for either analog or digital communication outputs. Controllers from the NT series are the most versatile and adaptable units that Tecsystem offers in its control line.

And the centerpiece of Springer's Tecsystem temperature control line is the new NT-210, which provides thermal control for dry-type and hermetic oil-filled transformers. The NT-210 features control for cooling fans as well as full digital communication output protocols. In the NT-210, the classic electromechanical control devices are replaced with an electronic TPL210 sensor that is directly installed on the transformer to control oil temperature, vacuum pressure, sudden pressure rise, and liquid oil level.

The TPL210 is inserted in a head-type DIN, and it can be installed either via the classic-fitting ¾-inch gas thread or via customized flanges suitable for electromechanical systems. System reliability is ensured by a full circuit of self-diagnosis that is able to manage and report any anomaly in the sensor and unit. The sensor data are transmitted through an RS485 serial connection to the NT-210, which can be directly installed on the control panel. This allows the remote control of all the measure and indications, including alarm, trip, and fan/pump. This system provides a measure of flexibility and ease of use that has never before been seen in the oil transformer industry.

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