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Transfirst Expands into Desktop Commerce Services with IP Commerce's IP Payments Framework

IP Commerce, Inc., a software company enabling open commerce services between businesses, and TransFirst, LLC, a leading provider of credit card processing services and payment-enabling technologies, today announced the upcoming release of new commerce services for merchants, delivered via IP Payments Framework (IPPF). TransFirst adopted IPPF to better cater to the desires of its existing merchant base and attract new merchants by offering new desktop-based commerce applications created by developers or independent software vendors (ISVs) using IP Commerce's technology.

With this announcement, TransFirst broadens its market reach in client-side commerce offerings with three new desktop commerce applications: bankcard processing for Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 and QuickBooks®, and credit card processing for a leading golf pro-shop management solution.

IP Commerce's IPPF is an open platform that connects payment processors, service providers, licensees and commerce application developers. IPPF provides a way for these IP Commerce partners to more easily and quickly introduce new commerce applications without the heavy integration costs and time typically associated with traditional new service implementations. Using the IPPF Secure Payments SDK, commerce application developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) can more quickly introduce commerce solutions. Merchants benefit from the availability of more commerce tools targeted at their line of business.

"By giving us more flexibility and faster time to market, IP Payments Framework empowers TransFirst to cater to the desires of our existing merchants, and expand our opportunity in new markets- whether that's a niche group, or a broader audience," said Thomas Rouse, CEO, TransFirst. "We're already seeing early success with IPPF with the upcoming introduction of these new desktop commerce applications, which are exciting examples of what developers can now do using this exciting technology."

Using IPPF, TransFirst will deliver three new commerce applications: Quick-Payment for Microsoft Office Accounting 2007, ChargeLink for QuickBooks and Pro-ShopKeeper bank card processing.

Quick-Payment 2007 | Microsoft® Office Accounting Bank Card Processing from BIG Software Quick-Payment 2007 is a feature rich bank card processing application that integrates directly into Microsoft Office Accounting 2007. Quick-Payment provides a flexible user friendly experience to process bank cards and perform daily accounting tasks from within a single application.

ChargeLink for QuickBooks from Synergration ChargeLink allows merchants to process credit card payments from their PC through QuickBooks. For each transaction merchants create or modify, ChargeLink automatically provides the option to process now or later. Additionally, ChargeLink assists merchants with reporting by including a complete receive payment functionality enabling them to record credit card payments for the credit card charge from a single entry screen. Users can select multiple charges and submit them in batch for processing from a single screen.

Pro-ShopKeeper bank card processing from Club Prophet Systems The Pro-ShopKeeper point-of-sales system (POS) includes bank card processing. Pro-ShopKeeper is the industry leading golf course POS, with more than 700 golf courses worldwide currently using the processing system to support users sales, receipt and reporting requirements.

"Leaders such as TransFirst continue to turn to IP Commerce's IP Payments Framework for seamless delivery of new commerce applications," said Chip Kahn, CEO of IP Commerce. "This reaffirms that IPPF is a driving force in the evolution of the payments industry, breaking down traditional barriers and connecting banks, payment service providers, businesses and software ecosystem participants together."

About TransFirst
A premier provider of transaction processing services and payment enabling technologies, TransFirst offers a first-rate suite of products and services and customized processing programs uniquely tailored for the special business needs of financial institutions, independent sales organizations and agents and its referral and reseller partners. Through its in-depth industry knowledge, partnership strategy and innovative solutions, TransFirst provides a specialized approach to transaction processing for healthcare providers, public entities, online and other non-traditional merchants, as well as brick and mortar retailers. Founded in 1995, TransFirst is a market leader in strategic mergers and acquisitions, which has allowed the company to gain significant market share and world-class expertise in growing and profitable industry segments. Built on a platform of personal service, customer commitment and flexible pricing, TransFirst is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has opera tions facilities in Louisville, Colo., Omaha, Neb., Kansas City, Kan., Newport Beach, Calif. and Milwaukee, Wis. Company wide, TransFirst currently processes approximately $23 billion in annual sales volume for more than 160,000 merchants and more than 965 financial institutions. TransFirst can be reached at 1-800-745-2659 or at

About IP Commerce
Based in Denver, Colorado, IP Commerce, Inc. is a software company enabling open payments that allow banks and service providers to deliver payments services seamlessly to any business. The company's IP Payments Framework(TM) (IPPF) provides an SOA-based infrastructure for the payments industry that can be utilized to host payments networks, as well as free toolkits to connect services, devices and applications to open payments. IPPF breaks down traditional barriers and connects banks, payment service providers, businesses, and software ecosystem participants together. For more information, visit

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