Transducer provides interface to process controllers.

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EU2B5303 Current to Voltage Transducer converts primary current (up to 200 A, 50-400 Hz) to programmable 0-10 Vac control of instrument voltage. It isolates current to be measured from monitoring or control systems and provides interface to process controllers, alarms, and data acquisition systems such as PLCs. Toroidally wound transformer has 0.7 in. ID and 2 in. OD. It is coated with Bicroflex flexible epoxy to provide protection under harsh environmental conditions.

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Programmable Current to Voltage Transducer Provides Simple Interface to Process Controllers and Alarms

The Bicron B5303 Current to Voltage Transducer converts a primary current (up to 200A, 50-400Hz), to a programmable 0- 10Vac control or instrument voltage. The transducer isolates the current to be measured from the monitoring or control systems and provides for an easy, low cost interface to process controllers, alarms, and data acquisition systems such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

The 0 - 10Vac output voltage can be used in any AC current control or monitoring application including: loss of current indicators or alarms; overcurrent trip-outs; electrical device failure alarms; equipment operation time totalizers; current displays; phase imbalance indicators, etc.

Applications can be found wherever simple voltage detection is insufficient, e.g., measuring or controlling electrically operated systems such as HVAC in commercial, public and industrial buildings, lighting controls, industrial motor operation, etc.

The EU2B5303 is a special, toroidally wound transformer with a 0.7" ID and 2" OD. The current carrying conductor to be measured or controlled passes through the coil center opening without making any direct electrical contact. A user supplied fixed or variable load resistor determines the actual output voltage range - maximum output of 0-10Vac for any current input up to 200A, 50-400Hz.

The EU2B5303 Current to Voltage Sensor is coated with Bicron's Bicroflex, flexible epoxy, to provide protection and long life even under harsh environmental conditions. The sensor is recognized for indoor applications under the component program of
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Cost is under $9.00 in OEM quantities.

Bicron Electronics designs and manufactures a complete range of custom and standard toroidal current transformers for control, instrumentation and ground fault protection applications.

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