Trailer allows mobile laser-based and live-fire training.

Press Release Summary:

Available in law enforcement and military models for use with fully automatic small arms up to .50 caliber, mobile live-fire small arms training simulation trailer enables live-fire training anywhere, at any time-of-day, and in any type of weather. Solution, based on IVR® simulation technology, provides judgmental-use-of-force scenario and 3-lane marksmanship/target simulator.

Original Press Release:

VirTra Systems Launches New Mobile Live-Fire Simulation Trailer

HOUSTON, Oct. 2 -- VirTra Systems, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: VTSI) . Major General Perry V. Dalby (USA-Retired), VirTra Systems' chief executive officer, today announced the Company has launched its new mobile live-fire small arms training simulation trailer product.

The new live-fire simulation trailer, based on VirTra Systems' successful IVR(R) simulation technology, offers a full-featured judgmental- use-of-force scenario and three-lane marksmanship/target simulator allowing both laser-based and live-fire training, and is available in both law enforcement and military models for use with fully automatic small arms up to .50 caliber in size. The mobile live-fire trailer costs between $250,000 and $500,000 depending on how the customer accessorizes the product.

"Demand for such mobile live-fire trailers is considerable both domestically as well as internationally," commented Michael Kitchen, VirTra Systems' vice-president of simulation. "The military and law enforcement agencies have increasingly employed these mobile live-fire trailers as a cost- effective alternative to fixed installations because they allow live-fire training anywhere, at any time-of-day, in any weather. In addition, its mobility allows agencies to provide critical training to personnel over a wide geographical area."

Major General Dalby commented, "We remain committed to offering the training community innovative, high-tech, immersive small arms training simulation products at extremely competitive prices. VirTra Systems is now well-positioned to become the preferred vendor for fixed, mobile, laser-based, and live-fire immersive small arms simulation training."

"We have already received several bid requests regarding this product, and expect it to augment sales of our full range of immersive small arms training product lines for both military and law enforcement agencies," Kitchen concluded.

About VirTra Systems

Utilizing patented technology, VirTra Systems sells situational awareness firearms training systems to military agencies such as the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Department of Defense, and to national and international law enforcement agencies. The company also produces multisensory promotional virtual reality systems and 3-D theaters for clients such as General Motors, Pennzoil, and the U.S. Army and Navy. For more information, visit

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