Tractor Adapters are capable of converting loaders to universal skid steer mount.

Press Release Summary:

Allowing more versatility in attachment options, Adapters are designed for loaders on Versatile, Ford and New Holland Bidirectional™ tractors. Available in four models, adapters convert loaders into universal skid steer mount or Euro mounts. Product is suitable for Versatile 160, 256, 276, Ford 9030 Bidirectional™ tractors, TV140, TV145 and TV6070 New Holland loader models.

Original Press Release:

New Adapters for Loaders on Bidirectionalâ„¢ Tractors

Worksaver, Inc. is now offering adapters for loaders used on Versatile, Ford and New Holland Bidirectional™ tractors. Four adapter models are available to convert loaders to either the “Universal” skid steer mount or the Euro/Global mount, allowing more versatility in attachment options.

Adapters are designed for loaders used on Versatile 160, 256, 276 and Ford 9030 Bidirectional™ tractors and for New Holland loader models 82LB, 84LB and 7614 that are used on TV140, TV145 and TV6070 tractors.

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