Traction Control boosts efficiency of mobile machinery.

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Developed for hydrostatic travel drives, electrohydraulic Model ASR uses A4VG-type, electrically adjustable, variable-displacement axial-piston pump and 4 electrically adjustable, fully de-strokeable A6VE-type axial-piston motors. Electric signal for hydrostatic brakes is generated by LT07 brake pedal, which also controls dynamic multi-disk brake in GFT13/17 gearbox. System minimizes wheelspin and over-revving of drive of mobile machinery and converts remaining traction into tractive power.

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New Traction Control Boosts Efficiency of Mobile Machinery

Greater driving stability and tractive power combined with lower mechanical stress on system components are the most important benefits of the new traction control (ASR). Bosch Rexroth AG specialists developed ASR specially for hydrostatic travel drives. The system also boosts the efficiency of mobile machinery through less wear on the surface and tires.

The electrohydraulic ASR is based on adjusting the components of a hydrostatic travel drive. It involves the use of an A4VG-type, electrically adjustable, variable-displacement axial-piston pump and four electrically adjustable, fully de-strokeable A6VE-type axial-piston motors of swash plate design. The electric signal for the hydrostatic brakes is generated by the LT07 brake pedal. At the same time the brake pedal hydraulically controls the dynamic multi-disk brake in the GFT13/17 gearbox. The entire control and regulation is effected in an electronic control device with sensor signal engine speed as the control variable for the drive.

In combination with the improved drive and braking management and the dynamic, safe service brake as per Section 41 German road traffic licensing regulations (STVZO) and 76/432/EEC, the travel drive permits top speeds of 40 kilometers per hour. The system, developed using modern simulation technology, reduces wheelspin and overreving of the drive of mobile machinery to a minimum and converts the remaining traction optimally into tractive power. Rexroth offers the gears for travel drives with integrated parking brake in its standard program which has now been expanded to include the low-maintenance dynamic multiple disk brake.

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