Tracking System determines 3D coordinate point-of-gaze.

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Optotrak Certus integrates eye tracking and EYEHEAD(TM) integration technology with NDI's head tracking technology, allowing system to provide meaningful digital data on multiple surfaces. Processed in real-time, combined and synchronized information enables analysts to determine point of gaze with up to 0.15 mm 3D positional accuracy. It also can be used to capture position, orientation, velocity, and acceleration of body segments or objects within environment.

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Eye Tracking Goes "3-D" With Optotrak Combined Eye and Head Tracking Technology

Bedford, Massachusetts, USA - Research scientists in such fields as sports, training, aerospace, and human movement now have the benefit of long range, high accuracy eye-head integration through the combined efforts of Applied Science Laboratories (ASL), and NDI, developer of the Optotrak Certus system. Optotrak Certus integrates ASL's eye tracking and EYEHEAD(TM) integration technology with NDI's head tracking technology, which allows the subject to move over a greater distance while being tracked. This allows the ASL system to provide meaningful digital data on multiple surfaces in a large environment.

The Optotrak Certus accurately tracks a subject's head location and orientation.
The ASL eye-tracker determines the pupil's orientation. The combined and synchronized information from the Optotrak Certus with integrated ASL eye-tracker allows an analyst to determine the 3D coordinate of the subject's point of gaze. Up to 0.15 mm 3D positional accuracy can be achieved as the subject ambulates throughout the study environment. This information, along with the ASL eye tracker information, is used to determine where the subject is looking at all times. The eye-gaze information is stored digitally and can be quickly processed to determine the behavior of the test subject. Also, the information can be processed in real-time to facilitate interactive feedback into research.

With eye-head integration, time consuming frame-by-frame examination of video data is no longer required to determine a subject's point of gaze. Additional information can be captured synchronously with the eye-gaze information, such as: position, orientation, velocity and acceleration of body segments or objects within the environment.

ASL has the only true EYEHEAD(TM) integration, which is combined eye and head tracking. EYEHEAD(TM) Integration is necessary to record eye position on multiple surfaces in 3-D space. This leading edge technology allows the acquisition of digital data (horizontal and vertical eye position plus eye to point of fixation distance) that specifies point of gaze with respect to stationary objects in the environment. EYEHEAD(TM) integration solves the 3 dimensional, 6 degree of freedom problem of finding the line-of-gaze vector in space and solving for its intersections with multiple flat surfaces. The ASL eye tracking system is the only one integrated with Optotrak that can provide digital data specifying point of gaze on target planes without restricting the subject's motion.

Established 25 years ago, NDI is trusted by international leaders in medicine, industry and research for the accuracy and reliability of its measurement technology. NDI systems are used in applications from computer-assisted therapy to aeronautics; from quality inspection to human motion research. Today, the company is a world leader in advanced 3D measurement technology with over 8,000 installations in more than 30 countries around the world. For more information, visit

Applied Science Laboratories has been a pioneer in the examination of the human eye's movements and pupil dynamics for over 30 years. ASL was the first company to develop a head-mounted eye tracker, eye/head integration, parallax-free optics, and many other features that are industry standard. For more information, visit or contact the company at 175 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford, Massachusetts, 01730 USA, Tel. (781) 275-4000 Fax. (781) 275-3388.

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