TPR2 Introduces a New ASTM E84 Class A Fire Retardant Resins for Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber

WATERBURY, CT - December 2006 - TPR2 , Thermal Product Research, announces it's latest new fire safety product for professional motorsports and other industries... A highly fire retardant INTUMESCENT polyester resins for fiberglass and Epoxy resins for Carbon fiber.

The new products are the first of their kind for the motorsports, marine, military and other industry. These new products from TPR2 eliminate resin flare up when exposed to flame and greatly reduce the toxic smoke the resins generate in a fire. They also intumesce (expand to fill voids and create a barrier) to provide significantly longer protection from heat and fire penetration.

The resin additive is designed for and can be impregnated into the highly flammable polyester resins used in fiberglass panels, vehicle bodies, air boxes, and heat panels. The epoxy resins are widely used in popular carbon fiber seats, panels, pipes and ducting which more drivers are using.

According to Rick Barone, VP of Marketing for TPR2, "TPR2 has had unique technologies for awhile to coat fiberglass and carbon fiber body panels and components as well as FR (Fire Retardant) additives, but this new technology takes that fire and smoke protection to an unparalleled level, impregnating FR and Intumescing characteristics right into the resins. Because most 'resin based' products are made in multiple layers, we can use our proprietary fire retardant resins in only specific layers, making our technology very affordable for widespread use in many industries, but most importantly, motorsports."

More information as well as test videos on this coating can be found at You can send email to or call the company direct at 203-756-8772.

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