TPR2 Introduces a Heat Insulating, Fire Extinguishing Coating for Car of Tomorrow NASCAR Applications

WATERBURY, CT - Dec 2006 - TPR2, Thermal Product Research, announces it's latest new fire safety product for professional motorsports...a FIRE EXTINGUISHING, FIRE BARRIER, FLEXIBLE WATERPROOF COATING.

AFESTM (short for Automatic Fire Extinguishing System) Flexible Fireshell(TM) Coating is the first of its kind. This new product from TPR2 aggressively reacts to extinguish flame, heat and the associated smoke that is produced during a flare up.

The environmentally friendly, water based coating is designed for and can be applied to the protective wall panels being used in the new COT. It is also effective at reducing heat soak on highly other plastics and components such as fiberglass, carbon fiber and other composites used widely in professional motorsports.

Per Rick Barone, VP of Marketing for TPR2, "There are no other fire extinguishing coatings in the market like this, to our knowledge. Significant challenges needed were overcome to meet and exceed the demanding conditions professional racecars and drivers experience. The COT was a considerable challenge, overcoming water resistance, low smoke, ease of application, and weight constraints. We now have a stable of different products to protect drivers and their equipment, including this revolutionary insulating, fire extinguishing coating that will stay flexible and is waterproof. "

This revolutionary waterbased coating can be applied directly to the substrate and air dries. Besides extinguishing fires, it generates no smoke, no fumes and will reduce the spread rate of fires, the company claims.

Incorporated in 2004, Thermal Product Research was created with a purpose of creating new technology and safety products in the motorsports industry worldwide. TPR2's technology includes: insulation, anti-explosion, fire abatement, non-flammable and fire extinguishing products. TPR2's product lines also include coatings, pellets, plastics & powder technologies.

More information as well as test videos on this coating can be found at You can send email to or call the company direct at 203-756-8772.

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