TOYOLAC® Transparent ABS Medical Resin Finds Success with HEM’s and Ventilator Components – Providing Enhanced Operating Performance In Covid-19 Treatment Devices

New York, NY: Toyolac®’s lower molding temperatures and lower pressure requirements compared to other resin materials is proving to help increase production capacity and turnaround time for Covid-19 related medical components. With operating cylinder temperatures ranging from 210°C to 260°C, Toyolac® provides smoother resin flow, increased cycle times with decreased part flash. This enhanced flowability provides increased part cavitation while providing better molding of thin-walled part features with less tooling wear and longer mold life.

Case-in-point: Heat and Moisture Exchangers components molded with Toyolac® resin meet multiple component assembly requirements, are easily bonded together with adhesives, providing a secure, long-lasting product. With robust resistance to lipids, alcohol and cleaning agents, Toyolac® produced HMEs provide ideal molded part designs. Toyolac® material structural also creates strength and stiffness across the molded components and is scratch resistant. The molded surface is also printable for tracking and identification purposes as well as brand identification.

Toyolac® has a stable quality and enables long-term adoption because of Toray’s no change “Production Methods”, no change “Formulations” and no change “Test Methods/Equipment” policy ensuring long term stability for manufacturers and regulatory requirements. Toyolac® is a well-balanced resin and a FDA Drug Master File registered material. It is USP Class 6 tested and meets ISO 10993 for biocompatibility. Specific tests include -4 for blood interactions, -5 for in vitro cytoxicity, -10 for irritation and skin sensitization and -11 for systemic cytotoxicity. (Toyolac® does not contain bisphenol-A, an industrial chemical commonly used to make plastics which through exposure can cause health problems.)

Toyolac® ABS Resin is proven for medical applications in liquid-contact devices other than implants. Toyolac®’s manufacturer, Toray, was the first manufacturer and is the world’s largest manufacturer of transparent ABS resin. Toray is a global leader in polymer chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry and biotechnology. The company now provides sales to North American medical OEM’s along with expert customer support for improved HME product development and manufacturing.

For more information about TOYOLAC® Transparent ABS Resin, call 212-697-8150 to learn more. Or Email: See detailed information at: Toray Industries, Inc. USA Headquarters is located at: 461 Fifth Ave, 9th Fl., New York NY 10017.

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