Toxic Gas Detector is designed for semiconductor industry.

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Using always-ready electrochemical sensor technology with 3 year expected lifetime, Draeger Guardian detects hazardous gas leaks such as hydrochloric acid and vapors at low concentrations where byproducts can foul tubes, pipes, and instruments. It utilizes no consumable parts and provides rolling, charted recordings of hazardous gas concentrations over time. No adjustments are required to clean rooms or plumbing when used as replacement for paper tape technology.

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Introducing the Draeger Guardian for Toxic Gas Detection as an Alternative to Traditional Paper Tape Technology in the Semiconductor Industry

SUGAR LAND, Texas, April 10 -- Draeger Safety, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Draeger Guardian Gas Detection System for the semiconductor industry that uses economical, electrochemical sensor technology for detecting hazardous gas leaks, such as hydrochloric acid and vapors at low concentrations, where byproducts can easily foul tubes, pipes and instruments. The Draeger Guardian is considered to act as one to one replacement of the common paper tape technology widely used throughout the semiconductor industry today. Unlike the limited shelf life & refrigerated storage requirements of the paper tapes, the Draeger Guardian unit uses sensors, manufactured by Draeger, with an expected sensor life time of up to 3 years. These sensors stand at the ready to monitor gas concentrations at any time. The Draeger Guardian provides rolling, charted recordings of the hazardous gas concentrations over time. The Draeger Guardian uses no consumable parts and requires no replacement paper tapes in the event of a gas release. This allows emergency personnel the time at the tool to assist with the emergency rather than be fixed at the monitor replacing any cassettes, which may or may not be on hand in the event of a crisis. Rather than using expendable tapes, the Draeger Guardian, uses the electrochemical sensing technology that does not require frequent replacements. The user could easily exchange the existing paper tape system with the Draeger Guardian technology while making no adjustments to the clean rooms or plumbing as they exist. The Draeger Guardian functions the same, and is identical in installation to the standard monitoring devices used in semiconductor plants today.

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Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA is an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology. Draeger products protect, support and save human life. Founded in 1889, in 2006 the Group achieved sales of euro 1,801 million ($2,620 USD) worldwide and an EBIT of euro 148.2 million ($215.8 USD). Today, Draeger employs around 10,000 people in more than 70 subsidiaries worldwide and has a representation around 190 countries. The Draeger Safety subsidiary offers products, services and system solutions for all encompassing Risk Management such as Personal- and Facility Protection.

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