Tow Tractor features electric steering.

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Designed to tow trailers with up to 11,000 lb of cargo, EZS 350XL Tugger features maintenance-free, 24 V 3-phase AC drive motor technology. Curve Control keeps vehicle stable during cornering, while SpeedControl eliminates pauses when changing travel directions. Unaffected by upward or downward gradients, tugger offers tight turning radius, rollback protection on inclines, and 3 adjustable travel programs to meet different operator requirements.

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Jungheinrich's New EZS 350XL Tow Tractor Debuts with Electric Steering and a Low-Maintenance AC Drive Motor

RICHMOND, VA - Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corporation is announcing the advent of a versatile, economic tow tractor (tugger) for towing trailers with up to 11,000 lbs. of cargo. The EZS 350XL tugger has the ability to tow several trailers for flexible handling operations, and features highly efficient, maintenance-free, 24V 3-phase AC drive motor technology, which provides long operating times, powerful acceleration and the ability to quickly change travel direction without hesitation.

The new tugger also offers electric steering to make maneuvering easy in tight spaces. States Ray Schmidt, Class 3 Product Manager at Jungheinrich's Richmond , VA headquarters, "We offer more technically advanced AC technology, while many of our competitors are using older DC technology. Plus, the EZS 350XL's curve control and electric steering capabilities are standard and represent a significant advancement in safety and ergonomics. Some tow tractors use a tiller for steering, similar to what is found on an electric walkie truck. However, a tiller can be very difficult to steer and may require the operator to extend a portion of his or her torso out of the operator compartment, thereby increasing the risk of injury. Other conventional tow tractors offer a T-bar for steering that is marginally easier to turn and safer than a tiller, but there is still no comparison to the effortless turning provided by electric steering."

Two other advanced features on the Jungheinrich EZS tugger should also be mentioned: Curve Control, a system which keeps the vehicle stable during cornering, and SpeedControl, which eliminates the pauses when changing travel directions, a time-wasting problem often present in units with DC motor technology. The EZS tugger is unaffected by upward or downward gradients, giving the operator better control. It also offers rollback protection on inclines, even when loaded, and the brakes set automatically when the vehicle is stopped on an incline. What's more, the tugger compensates for gravity, allowing it to travel at a uniform speed. Three adjustable travel programs are available to adapt the vehicle to the requirements of different operators. A low step height that makes frequent mounting and dismounting effortless, and a tight turning radius are standard features; an optional fold-down seat is offered.

The distance from the operator's driving position to the coupling (or load) is short, plus the coupling is easily accessible and can be seen from every angle. Fast, easy coupling/decoupling of trailers can be accomplished with the help of an optional side-mounted forward and reverse button. The tugger's optional CanDis display shows the state of battery discharge, the operating hours of the truck and any relevant fault codes for effective troubleshooting.

You can see the EZS 350XL Tow Tractor, equipped with electric steering and Curve Control, at Jungheinrich's booth (#2019) at the ProMat show in Chicago, January 12-15, 2009. Or, for more information about the tow tractor, you can contact Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., 5601 Eastport Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23231. Call: 804-737-7400. Fax: 804-737-7467. Or, visit the website at

About Jungheinich

Jungheinrich is the world leader in warehouse logistics technology. Founded over fifty years ago, the company has grown from its beginnings as a European manufacturer of materials handling equipment to an international supplier of industrial trucks, warehousing technology and materials-flow products. Today, it is a major supplier of forklift trucks around the globe, and offers a complete range of materials handling equipment, rack systems and services related to manufacturing logistics.

Jungheinrich's growth has been due in large part to the high value it has always placed on leading-edge design and technological innovation. This is seen, for example, in the company's proprietary 3-phase AC motor and controller technology, and in a host of productivity and ergonomic enhancements. Jungheinrich has more than 120 strategically-located service support centers and store operations in the U.S., and sales and service companies in countries around the industrialized world.

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