Tovatech Blood Bank Refrigerator

Tovtech announces the Nor-Lake innovative line blood bank refrigerator, heavy-duty storage units for your blood products. Temperature recording charts simplify record-keeping and alarm systems are designed to signal temperature fluctuations. The larger units come with their own microprocessor (minicomputer) control and LCD message center. Whether you have a small space-restricted clinic or unlimited space, Tovatech has a Nor-Lake storage size just right for you.

Every Nor-Lake Blood Bank Refrigerator and Freezer provides safe, secure, effortless blood storage for your valuable products. Features include; available in one-, two-, and three-door units, the Nor-Lake Blood Bank Refrigerator offers heavy-duty, standards compliant blood bag storage. With an array of temperature displays, alarms and locking doors, these units offer top-of-the-line security and monitoring for your blood products.

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