Tovatech Analytical Balance - Kern ABT

Tovatech announces the Kern innovative ABT Analytical balance. This is a Premium semi-micro and analytical balance with innovative single cell weighing system. It has stable 0.01 mg readout, fast stabilization, shock-proof construction, accurate weighing at edges of pan. High performance results from advanced technology: weighing cell constructed from single block of material.

Simple recipe-weighing/documenting with a combined tare/print function. Mixing ingredients for the recipe are numbered automatically and printed out with the corresponding number and weight value.

The KERN ABT semi-micro and analytical balance line offers premium performance with outstanding repeatability and linearity. The ABT is KERN's best performing & easiest to use analytical balance.

Features include; 3-year warranty, RS232 interface. Automatic data output to the PC/printer every time the balance is stable. GLP/ISO record keeping of weighing data when used with statistics printer (Model YKT-01). Automatic internal calibration adjustment. Time-controlled at defined intervals, or if there is a change in temperature > 3°C. Displays deviation from reference weight in %, dosing assistance, high-stability mode and other filter settings can be selected. It has DKD Calibration Certificate available, simple adding function with auto-tare and automatic subsequent data output after each weighing procedure, identification number of balance is printed on calibration protocol, Large LCD Display digit height 14 mm and capacity display and Optional kit for density determination of liquids and solids (ALS-A01). It also features can be switched to non-metric units at the touch of a key, suspended weighing with hook on underside of balance, piece counting with selectable reference quantities and Permitted environmental temperature + 10 to +30 C.

The demensions include; overall dimensions WxDxH 217x356x338 mm.

The weighing space WxDxH 168x172x223 mm and it has a net weight approx. 7 kg.


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