Touchscreen Graphic HMIs communicate with multiple controllers.

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Operating in portrait or landscape mode, 4.3 in. Model HMI5043T features 16:9 widescreen and provides 480 x 272 pixel resolution, while 10.4 in. Model HMI5104TH delivers 600 x 800 pixel resolution. Both include Ethernet port and VNC server that enable users to remotely monitor and control HMI from any location via Internet. Equipped with 32-bit RISC processor, 128 MB Flash storage, and 64 MB memory, HMIs provide online/offline simulation, alarm and recipe management, and data logging and sampling.

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Maple Introduces Two New HMIs

(Everett, WA) - Maple Systems, a leading manufacturer of industrial operator interface products, has just added two new Touchscreen Graphic HMIs to its family of OIT products. The new HMI5043T is a compact 4.3 inch 16:9 widescreen model with a very affordable price of $390.00, and the HMI5104TH is a larger 10.4 inch high-resolution unit with a price of only $1290. This pricing is two thirds less than comparable units from Maple's major competitors, yet these units offer equal and better capabilities and performance.

Like the new 10.4 inch unit, the 4.3 inch has an Ethernet port and VNC server that enables the user to remotely monitor and control the HMI from any location via desktop computer, laptop, cell phone or any other smart device that has internet connectivity. A vast improvement in operational logistics, this VNC remote monitoring of the Maple HMI means you can remotely control the PLCs and Controllers that command your automation process.

The 16:9 widescreen high-resolution display of the 4.3 inch model offers 30 percent more viewing area than a standard screen of similar size. That simply means you have more room for graphics, text, and buttons. And the 4.3 inch unit offers unrivaled clarity with 65 thousand sharp rich colors that show well on its high-brightness high-contrast backlit TFT display. The crispness and clarity of those graphics is augmented by the 480 x 272 pixel screen resolution on the 4.3 inch unit. The same holds true for the 600 x 800 pixel screen on the 10.4 inch unit.

Both units are enhanced with a 32 bit RISC processor, 128 MB of Flash storage and 64 MB of data memory. Connectivity of these units includes USB, Serial and Ethernet ports. Also there is support for Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP, GE, Siemens, Omron, Modbus TCP/IP, and many more. Each unit contains an analog touchscreen with infinite touch-response points. Other important features include online/offline simulation, alarm and recipe management, data logging and sampling, true-type fonts and multiple languages with international characters.

The compact HMI5043T is ideal for OEM applications. It works well as an affordable replacement for analog controls, lights and switches; and it is well-suited for situations where logistics require a small cost-effective display with the advanced capabilities normally found in larger more expensive units. Similarly, if you need a larger display, you can acquire the 10.4 inch HMI5104TH for less than a third of the major competitors' models - yet you still get lots of features, excellent performance, certified reliability, and attentive technical support.

These Maple HMIs are able to communicate with multiple controllers using different PLC protocols - allowing for easy integration to augment an existing system. For example, let's say you want to enhance your existing plant floor with a data monitoring system for your various pieces machinery that run on several different brands of controllers. You can easily incorporate the Maple HMI to do exactly that because it can simultaneously communicate to multiple controllers even though they each have different protocols.

And like many of Maple's Graphic HMIs, the screens on both of these new products can be configured to operate in either portrait or landscape mode. That means they can be functionally mounted either horizontally or vertically - an important feature (especially for OEMs) because it allows more options for tight space considerations. Also, many controls make more sense graphically if they are set up in a vertical format. But either way, the choice is yours.

To learn more about the new 4.3 inch HMI5043T and 10.4 inch HMI5104T please go to, or call Maple Systems at 425-745-3229.

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