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Touch Panel PCs offer wide temperature range.

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Touch Panel PCs offer wide temperature range.

Jul 24, 2014 - Based on Intel Atom E3845 quad core CPU with integrated HD Graphics GPU, Touch Panel PCs feature operating temperature range of -20 to 55°C. Four series are available, including DP-FN Series touch panel PCs, EP-FN Series multi touch panel PCs, LP-FN Series sunlight readable touch panel PCs, and VP-FN Series sunlight readable multi touch panel PCs. For sunlight readability, LP-FN and VP-FN Series are equipped with LED-backlit LCD panel with brightness up to 1,600 nits.

Kingdy Technology Inc - Chung-Ho City, TWN

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Kingdy New Quad Core CPU-based Wide Temperature (Sunlight Readable) (Multi) Touch Panel PCs

Press release date: Jul 22, 2014

Different from the mainstream in the wide temperature panel PC market where mid-level CPU performance is still dominant, Kingdy is taking the lead to launch several high-level models featuring a wide operating temperature range and Quad Core CPU performance. You can have more choices for advanced and complicated applications in extreme thermal environments. The new launches include:

DP-FN Series: Wide Temperature Touch Panel PC;
EP-FN Series: Wide Temperature Multi Touch Panel PC;
LP-FN Series: Wide Temperature Sunlight Readable Touch Panel PC; and
VP-FN Series: Wide Temperature Sunlight Readable Multi Touch Panel PC.

First of all, an Intel Atom E3845 Quad Core CPU is embedded and all of the above 4 series boost powerful performance but low power consumption under fanless architecture.

Secondly, an Intel HD Graphics GPU is integrated into the CPU and the devices can provide excellent graphics performance for advanced visualization application.

Thirdly, a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to 55°C is supported and the devices have excellent heat/cold-resistance to ensure normal operation at extreme temperatures.

Finally, LP-FN and VP-FN Series also feature their up to 1600-nit high brightness LED-backlit LCD panel which can emit more light than normal commercial grade to keep excellent readability on the screen under direct sunlight or any strong light source.

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