Toshiba Online Calculator Helps Retailers Determine ROI of POS Video Surveillance System

IRVINE, CA, January 20, 2009 - Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products, a business unit of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the availability of an online calculator that retail managers can use to determine their return-on-investment if they purchase a video surveillance system equipped with new Toshiba TransCapture point-of-sale software.

The free calculator, available at, is an important resource for retailers combating the skyrocketing costs of employee theft, estimated to cost the retail industry $19 billion annually in the United States. By entering into the calculator such data as their retail segment and annual sales, users are shown the number of months required before a Toshiba POS surveillance system begins to pay for itself based on a projected reduction in store shrinkage. Use of the calculator does not require registration.

"Our new calculator is the first to put a real-world dollar figure on the value of video surveillance," explained Sergio Collazo, Director of Sales & Marketing, Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products. "With just a few keystrokes, retailers can see how video surveillance adds to a company's profitability by reducing the cost of shrinkage, especially employee transaction fraud."

Forty-seven percent of retail inventory shrinkage is attributable to employee theft, so it is no surprise that nearly three out of every four retailers report they can't trust their employees. With its ability to superimpose all cash register transaction data onto video as it happens, TransCapture software from Toshiba allows management to verify cashier activity for suspicious transactions, helping reduce shrinkage and increase management's trust in employees.

Toshiba TransCapture software integrates seamlessly with Toshiba Surveillix digital video recorders and other Windows®-based recording systems. It is also compatible with most cash register protocols, including Toshiba TEC, POSitouch, VeniFone, Vardells, AVE, ISS45 V7, Aloha, SIDG, Micros (9700, 3700, E-7) and TVS, as well as PC-based POS with generic RS-232 capture.

In addition to its ability to overlay transaction text on video, key capabilities of the software include customizable lists, recording of both analog and network cameras, and the exporting of video to JPEG and AVI formats with overlaid transaction details.

Total POS Solutions

By leveraging a partnership with its sister business unit Toshiba TEC America, Inc., Toshiba Surveillance & IP Solutions is positioned as the only company in the security industry to offer a complete, fully integrated POS package for retailers, whether they are a small boutique or a fully networked multi-branch, multi-lane supermarket.

Designed for best total value and fast return-on-investment, this unified approach includes modular cash register systems that run in flexible operating environments, along with the security accessories required to assure reduced employee theft and errors. Toshiba POS terminals are easily integrated with Toshiba digital video recorders, network and analog cameras, LCD monitors and TransCapture software to yield the greatest reliability and customer satisfaction.

For information on Toshiba surveillance solutions, visit To learn more about Toshiba TEC POS equipment, visit or phone 770-449-3040.


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