Toshiba Announces Newest Member of Its Audio Power Amplifier IC Family for Automotive Audio Applications

New Audio Amplifier Boosts Driver's Sound Experience Through Heightened Reliability

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 7 / / -- Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC)*, a committed leader that collaborates with technology companies to create breakthrough designs, today announced the newest member in its family of automotive ICs, the high-performance TB2932HQ audio amplifier. The TB2932HQ is designed with a new circuit structure that improves audio amplifier performance metrics-noise and distortion are diminished, operating stability is better, slew rates are faster and die size is reduced compared to existing products from Toshiba based on BiCMOS technology. Today's announcement highlights Toshiba's position as a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for the automotive industry and provides global car manufacturers with an audio amplifier solution that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophile.

Sound quality in today's cars is often times better than what most people have at home. But, no matter where the music comes from (CD, terrestrial or satellite radio, etc.) it must be played over speakers; so every car with a radio needs an amplifier. Moreover, new audio sources with DSP sound enhancements require increasingly powerful and sophisticated amplifiers. As a result, the demand for high-performance audio amplifiers, able to deliver the highest quality sound output, is on the rise.

However, developing high-performance car audio amplifiers is a demanding undertaking. High ambient temperature, high currents into low-impedance loads, and numerous short-circuit scenarios must be addressed to reliably deliver an audiophile-level of sound quality for many years of car operation. Very few companies have the expertise and combination of technologies to meet these requirements and Toshiba is one of them.

According to Shardul Kazi, Technology Executive and vice president of the ASSP Business Unit at TAEC, "Toshiba has power ICs for most automotive applications. Open any OEM or aftermarket radio and you likely will see Toshiba technology inside. We continue to leverage our expertise to bring new devices to market that enhance the user's digital world. The TB2932HQ represents the best cost/performance balance in its class. This device meets or exceeds previous solutions and we are confident our customers will see the real benefits provided by this product."

New Circuit Structure Improves Performance

The TB2932HQ employs a new single-stage driver circuit structure that improves performance compared to the previous generation products based on BiCMOS technology for better sound. Additionally, the TB2932HQ now gives designers the option to use an I(2)C bus to control and configure the power amplifier. Adding the I(2)C interface allows the TB2932HQ to report better diagnostic information to the host MCU. A typical power amp IC without I(2)C would have one or perhaps two outputs for diagnostic information, allowing designers to check for only a few error conditions. But, amplifiers can be subject to a broad range of potential fault conditions such as shorting, overheating, or overloading. By adding an I(2)C port, the host MCU gains more information about the amp's operating conditions, and offers more configurability and control options. The ability to detect a potential fault and take corrective action is critical for a high-reliability application like a car radio, and support for this feature by the TB2932HQ will ultimately result in a more reliable radio.

In addition, by fine tuning its BiCMOS process, Toshiba has reduced the on-resistance of channel source drain, which allows its output transistor to be smaller yet carry the same current load. Toshiba calls this its Low-RDSON, or Low-RON, process. Smaller transistors translate to smaller die. This die size reduction also lowers packaging costs thus enabling the TB2932HQ to better meet the cost sensitive requirements of the automotive industry.


The TB2932HQ is currently available in production quantities. Pricing in 10K quantities is $2.95 (U.S.) per unit. For more information visit:

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