Torque Wrench tightens caps/tubes without damaging them.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for bottle, SMA connector, and medical device manufacturers, torque wrench head can used for round knurled or non-knurled nuts as well as tube shapes that will not collapse under torque pressure. Roller grip head has soft grip material that will not damage targets, and spring-loaded design promotes snug fit. Also, break-over design limits amount of torque applied to assembly or fastening application and is controlled via tamper-proof internal adjustment system.

Original Press Release:

Mountz Designs Cap & Tube Tightening Torque Wrench for Bottle, SMA Connector and Medical Device Manufactures

San Jose, Calif., - Mountz, Inc. introduces new torque wrench designed for cap, SMA connector and tube tightening applications. The head of the wrench can used for round knurled or non-knurled nuts where gripping to tighten might damage the surface. Also designed to be used for tightening certain tube shapes that wouldn't collapse under torque pressure. The torque wrench was designed for critical torque applications for bottle & packaging applications and SMA connector assembly and medical device manufactures. The wrench features a roller grip head. The head is designed with soft grip material that won't damage plastic caps, SMA connectors or tubes. The spring loaded design allows the head to fit snuggly around the cap, tube or connector. A medical manufacture of syringes used this torque wrench to tighten the end cap of their syringes to a specified torque without damaging the cap. The torque wrench is "break-over' design, which limits the amount of torque applied to an assembly or fastening application. Upon reaching the preset torque value, the torque wrench "breaks" at a specific point along the tool's length - usually at a pivot point near the tool's head. It typically deflects 20 degree or 90 degree on torque delivery; thus indicating torque has been reached and eliminates overtorquing. The break-over mechanism minimizes shock to assemblies. The torque wrench features a tamper-proof internal adjustment system. It must be preset using a torque analyzer. Mountz offers a wide range of torque wrenches. Conventional wrenches click when torque is reached, dial wrenches accurately measure torque and cam and break-over style wrenches prevent overtorquing. About Mountz, Inc. San Jose, California based Mountz Inc. produces a wide variety of torque tools, including torque analyzers, torque testers, torque sensors, torque wrenches, electric screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers, torque multipliers, assembly tools, screw counters, balancers and special torque applications. Over the last 40 years, Mountz Inc. has proven its in-depth knowledge of torque solutions by consistently developing and producing as well as marketing and servicing highly sophisticated, cutting-edge tools. Mountz Inc., known among members of the industry as the nation's premier torque tool supplier, is an ISO 9001 registered company. Mountz Inc. offers tools that comply with ISO6789:2003 and are constructed from high quality materials, engineered for superior reliability and safety and backed by a standard warranty. For more information website at

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