Torque Wrench operates in tight spaces.

Press Release Summary:

SPIN-TORQ® Rotating Hydraulic Torque Wrench provides 360° continuous rotation and is 36 times faster than ratcheting wrenches. Fully reversible unit provides full power in both directions, and can be manually or robotically controlled.

Original Press Release:

Today, FASTORQ BOLTING SYSTEMS Announced the World's 'Fastest' Torque Wrench

The patented SPIN-TORQ® Rotating Hydraulic Torque Wrench provides a 360 degree continuous rotation, and is significantly faster than the standard ratcheting method. Some of the features are:

- 36 Times faster than ratcheting wrenches
- Fully reversible, full power in both directions
- Low profile, operates in tight spaces
- Manual or robotic control

For more information, call FASTORQ BOLTING SYSTEMS at 1-800-231-1075. FASTORQ engineers who designed the product will be available for interview.

Verna Kolarik, Marketing Coordinator
Ph. 281-449-6466 (x-18)
Toll Free 1-800-231-1075

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