Torque Multiplier Display Wrench measures directly at fastener.

Press Release Summary:

Placed between multiplier and fastener, Proto® Torque Multiplier Display Wrench helps tighten/loosen stubborn fasteners and eliminates need for long levers. Torque is measured directly at fastener with ±1% accuracy and displayed to ensure proper application of final torque. This eliminates need for manual calculation as well as associated mistakes. Measuring 24 in. long, tool has 1 in. drive and comes in 2 torque ranges: 100-1,000 lb-ft (J6349A) and 200-2,000 lb-ft (J6352).

Original Press Release:

Stanley® Proto® Introduces Torque Multiplier Display Wrench

New tool measures torque directly at the fastener, eliminates calculations

Conyers, GA - The new Stanley® Proto® Torque Multiplier Display Wrench makes a torque multiplier even more useful by making it easier to measure applied torque. It does so by measuring torque directly at the fastener, with an impressive accuracy of +/- 1%.

A torque multiplier, an essential tool in industries where exceptionally high torque loads are required such as heavy equipment, construction, power generation, and oil and gas exploration, uses an internal planetary gear system that applies more torque on the fastener than is applied by the user. For instance 100 ft-lbs. applied to the wrench handle by the user might place 1360 ft-lbs. of torque on the fastener. The torque multiplier provides enough power to tighten and loosen the stubborn fasteners and it eliminates the need for long levers, allowing users to turn high-torque fasteners in cramped quarters.

However, the user must hand-calculate the input torque based on the multiplication factor of the torque multiplier. Often, human error can result in the wrong final torque being applied to the fastener. The new Proto® Torque Multiplier Display Wrench displays the actual applied torque to the fastener eliminating the need for this manual calculation. The user does not even need a torque wrench to apply the input torque because they see the final applied torque.

The Proto® Torque Multiplier Display Wrench, which is placed between the multiplier and the fastener, ensures that the proper final torque is applied to the fastener and helps eliminate the chance for mistakes.

The new tool has a one-inch drive and is available in two torque ranges. Model J6349A has a range of 100-1000 ft-lbs. while model J6352 has a range of 200-2000 ft-lbs. Both display wrenches are 24" in length.

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