Torque Measurement Equipment enables full data traceability.

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Suitable for auditing and calibrating assembly tools, Torque Measurement Equipment certifies that tools are within tolerance. Full product offering includes simple tool checks featuring CM/CMK or SPC test results, to complete standalone Mobile systems. For optimized system accuracy and data communication, all transducers feature full digital communication to PC or analyzer. Torque wrenches can be used as production device or quality check device to check residual torque on fasteners. 

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Desoutter's New Generation of Torque Measuring Equipment

Today’s testing requirements demand higher accuracy and tighter tolerances for reduced down time due to wear. Predicting the future is possible using the SPC test capabilities on Desoutter torque measurement equipment.

Rock Hill, SC – Desoutter, one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality test and measurement solutions has introduced a new generation of torque measuring equipment.  This system is built to deliver unprecedented precision and performance.  These solutions are designed to meet evolving industry needs for torque measurement systems, offering improved accuracy in torque measurement data and performance and long-term reliability.

“Users can expect optimized tool performance and full data traceability”, stated Russ Hughes, Product Marketing Manager for Desoutter Industrial Tools.  The full product offering includes simple tool checks featuring CM/CMK test results or SPC test results to help identify an issue before it happens, to complete standalone Mobile systems.  The easy to use intuitive software can be used by novice users for simple set-up to advanced power users.  All Desoutter transducers feature full digital communication to the PC or analyzer for improved system accuracy and faster data communication.

This type of torque measuring equipment is best suited to audit and calibrate assembly tools in a facility.  Rather than sending hundreds of tools in for calibration, customers can save time and money by doing it on-site.  The equipment can be used to certify that tools are within tolerance.  By using Desoutter’s torque measuring equipment, only the calibration equipment needs to be sent out and calibrated once a year, instead of all the tools in the facility or on the line.

The torque wrenches can be used as a production device or quality check device to check residual torque on fasteners.  In automatic residual mode the wrench is used to capture residual torque based on the movement of the fastener, this eliminates operator influence.   While some manufacturers use peak torque readings which will vary from operator to operator, Desoutters residual automatic mode requires no special training and will display and record the correct values each time, with each operator.

Each new generation transducer uses full digital communication.   Digital is faster, has less influence on EMF fields, cable length does not affect transducer output and it is more accurate.

About Desoutter Industrial Tools:
Founded in 1914 and headquartered in France, Desoutter Industrial Tools is a global leader in electric and pneumatic assembly tools serving a wide range of assembly and manufacturing operations, including Aerospace, Automotive, Light and Heavy Vehicles, Off-Road, General Industry.  Desoutter offers a comprehensive range of Solutions (tools, service and projects) to meet the specific demands of local and global customers in over 170 countries.  The company designs, develops and delivers innovative quality industrial tool solutions, including air and electric Screwdrivers, Advanced Assembly Tools, Advance Drilling Units, Air motors and Torque Measurement Systems.

Russ Hughes
Product Marketing Manager
Desoutter Industrial Tools
1800 Overview Drive
Rock Hill, SC 29730

If you would like more information on Desoutter Industrial Tools or their new torque measuring equipment, or to contact Desoutter Industrial Tools, please contact Isabel Florence at 872-356-6110 or


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