Torque Controller enables error-proof fastener assembly.

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Smart Torq(TM) II controls and monitors dc brushless electric screwdrivers. It provides fully adjustable go/no-go limits for cycle time, joint rate, cycle start current, and cycle complete current. Eight programmable torque settings allow one driver to perform up to 8 different torque applications within torque range of driver. Unit is capable of detecting crossed or stripped threads, recognizing missing elements, and verifying number of fasteners used.

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New Generation of Torque Controller and Error-Proofing System for DC Brushless Screwdrivers is Announced

Detects Crossed or Stripped Threads: Recognizes Missing Elements like Washers; Verifies Number of Fasteners Used; Provides Multiple Torque Control at the Push of a Button

CLEVELAND, OH-May 11, 2005- The latest generation of its error-proofing products for fastener assembly was introduced today by ASG, a division of Jergens Inc. The new Smart Torq(TM) II controller provides economical error-proof fastener assembly by controlling and monitoring DC brushless electric screwdrivers from ASG.

The Smart Torq II is exceptionally easy to set-up and use. First, it learns the driver's current versus time characteristics for a representative fastener by monitoring its installation in the assembly. Once learned, the unit's processor monitors current and time to verify all subsequent fasteners are properly installed. Additionally, it counts and verifies that the specified number of fasteners are in place. The Smart Torq II device provides this capability without the use of expensive torque transducers and angle encoders.

Along with precise torque control, The Smart Torq II controller provides fully adjustable '"go-no-go" limits for cycle time, joint rate, cycle start current and cycle complete current. These adjustable limits allow the user to customize control and error-proofing features for their application.

The Smart Torq II controller has eight programmable torque settings that allow one driver to perform up to eight different torque applications within the torque range of the driver. Torque control, error-proofing and batch counting for multiple applications are now available in one cost-effective package.

For hard joint applications that have been traditionally difficult to control without significantly slowing down installation time, the manufacturer is offering new Compliant Drive(TM) bit holders (patent pending) which make all joints as controllable as a soft joint without loss of driver speed.

ASG is located at 15700 South Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110-3898. Telephone: (216)486-6163 Fax:(216)481-4519. E-mail: Web:

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