Torque/Angle Analyzer facilitates ISO 9001 documentation.

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Offering EZ-Plug and Play as well as auto-recognition with Mountz transducers, hand-held PTT expedites process of setting up and running tool tests as well as transfer, analysis, and storage of test data for ISO/SPC documentation. LCD lets operator select desired filter, unit, mode, and set-up from and graphical menu. Torque controlling, monitoring, and documentation solution stores readings with up to 2,500 data points in flash memory and can share data with PC via USB interface.

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Mountz, Inc.'s Next Generation Hand-Held PTT Torque & Angle Analyzer Makes ISO 9001 Documentation Faster and Easier

San Jose, California - September 8, 2006 - Mountz, Inc., America's premier torque tool manufacturer and supplier, is launching its next generation hand-held PTT Torque and Angle Analyzer. Offering "EZ-Plug & Play" and auto-recognition with Mountz transducers, the PTT facilitates and expedites the process of setting up and running tool tests, as well as the transfer, analysis and storage of test data for ISO/SPC documentation purposes. The combined hard-software manufacturing solution offers tool testing, graphing capabilities and a graphical menu for easy navigation.

As an advanced torque controlling, monitoring and documentation solution, PTT enables operators and engineers to ensure product quality, safety and reliability promptly in a variety of manufacturing environments. With system accuracies of +/- 0.5% of readings from 20% to 100%, and of +/- 1% of reading from 10% to 20% of full scale, products made with PTT monitored hand screwdrivers, wrenches and power tools may be safer and more reliable than products made with otherwise monitored tools.

Brad Mountz, President of Mountz Inc., underlines the importance of experience in the development of the PTT solution: "The PTT Torque & Angle Analyzer reflects our understanding of the manufacturing environment where details and efficiency drive success. The PTT solves a number of practical problems associated with monitoring and documenting tool performance data."

As compared to other solutions in the market, the PTT indeed has a distinctive set of features and benefits. Through the use of ARCII technology, the PTT automatically recognizes the Mountz transducer once the two are connected. The user-interface combines an intuitive set of buttons with a sturdy LCD Display that allows the operator to select the desired filter, unit, mode, and set-up from an easy to navigate menu structure. The operator sets the tolerance parameters which control the immediate visual and audible Go and No-Go signal response. "I am impressed by the list of features and benefits that the PTT offers, it allows us to track data much more easily and efficiently," states Bill Eils, Assembly Test Process Technician of Sauer Danfoss.

In manufacturing environments, tool test data are commonly shared between various departments, typically Research & Development, Production, Cal Lab and Quality Control. The PTT solution allows for easy data sharing. After the readings have been recorded, the up to 2,500 data points are easily uploaded from the device's flash memory to a PC through a USB interface. Once uploaded, the test data can be shared with other users over the regular computer network. Torque specifications or tools being used in production can thus be easily created, evaluated or confirmed. Dynamic rundowns can be graphed for joint analysis.

The PTT solution consists of hardware and software components. Standard accessories that are included with the PTT hand-held device are a universal charger (100 -240 VAC), USB cable and protective cover. Also part of the package is a CD with three PC Windows based software programs: the PTT Interface Program, the PTT Bootloader, and the Mountz Statistics Calculator. The Mountz Statistics Calculator allows operators to perform basic SPC, CP and CPK calculations.

In order to meet the stringent requirements associated with ISO 9001 Quality Standards, manufacturers increasingly rely on the use of a quality torque analyzer to ensure that proper torque is being applied and gauge requirements are being met. The failure of a fastener that is not properly tightened, particularly when it involves as medical devices or aerospace equipment, can have devastating consequences.

About Mountz, Inc.

San Jose, California based Mountz Inc. produces a wide variety of torque tools, including torque analyzers, torque testers, torque sensors, torque wrenches, electric screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers, torque multipliers, assembly tools, screw counters, balancers and special torque applications.

Over the last 40 years, Mountz Inc. has proven its in-depth knowledge of torque solutions by consistently developing and producing as well as marketing and servicing highly sophisticated, cutting-edge tools. Mountz Inc., known among members of the industry as the nation's premier torque tool supplier, is an ISO 9001 registered company. Mountz Inc. offers tools that comply with ISO6789:2003 and are constructed from high quality materials, engineered for superior reliability and safety and backed by a standard warranty.

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