Torque Analyzer offers RS-232 port for direct downloading.

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TorqueMate Plus torque analyzer offers 5Vdc capability to interface with brushless rotary transducers. Software allows selection of 3 different Low-Pass filters, and identifies correct range of any smart-enabled transducers. Torque measurement includes lbs/ft, lbs/in., oz/in., and kg/m. When connected to transducer, accuracy exceeds +/- 0.25% full scale. Memory stores calibration for 15 different torque sensors and 1,000 separate readings.

Original Press Release:

New TorqueMate Plus Analyzer - Now Interfaces with Brushless Transducers; versatility extends to built-in "smart chip" capability that greatly reduces operator error in interfacing with broad range of torque and angle sensors

SAN JOSE, Calif. Mountz, a recognized leader in the manufacturing, marketing, and servicing of high quality torque tools for over 35-years, now introduces the TorqueMate Plus, one of industry's most flexible torque analyzers with 5V DC capability to seamlessly interface with new-technology brushless rotary transducers. Torque and angle readouts from pulse tools with strong vibrations can now be accurately recorded and analyzed. The TorqueMate Plus expands functionality even further by featuring sophisticated software that allows the operator to select 3 different Low-Pass filters for testing dynamic tools and also quickly identifies the correct range of any smart-enabled transducers, thus adding plug-and-play ease of transducer interfacing to reduce the possibility of operator error in recording data.

"Today's technician faces a tremendously wide variation in sensors, especially given the new breed of smart transducers," notes Gordon Wall, Engineering Manager for Mountz. "With most analyzers, the technician must manually select the correct cell to analyze the data, so the possibility exists for making a mistake. For example, if you had a 250 inch/lb. transducer next to 100 inch/lb. transducer and you forget to switch cells, then all of your readings would be wrong. But with the TorqueMate Plus, you plug it in and it automatically recognizes the transducer and identifies the correct cell to work in. The potential for user error is greatly reduced."

Designed for engineers responsible for quality control, production, R & D, field service or hand and power tool calibration, the compact (8.5" x 4.25") TorqueMate Plus can be easily moved from site to site, eliminating the need for larger, less portable torque monitoring equipment. Power is supplied via NimH battery or 115 VAC adapter.

Five easily-selected operation modes (Track, Peak, First Peak, Power Tool and Angle) allow for intuitive use of the TorqueMate Plus. Operation is further simplified with "Go/No-Go" LEDs and an audible buzzer that can be quickly set for high or low torque and angle limits. Peak torque and angle can be displayed simultaneously and measured in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction, automatically. A full choice of torque measurement includes: lbf.ft.,,, N.m., kgf.m. When connected to a transducer, accuracy exceeds +/- 0.25% of full scale.

The TorqueMate Plus immediately adapts to any milli-volt/volt transducer. A built in memory stores calibration for up to 15 different torque sensors and 1,000 separate readings. An RS-232 port facilitates the direct downloading of data to a computer or printer.

The versatile TorqueMate Plus is immediately available for any company that seeks to improve product quality, promote job safety and reduce exposure to liability through the precise control of torque.

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