Toray to Exhibit at CAMX 2016 and Showcase its Advanced Carbon Fiber and Engineered Products

TACOMA, Wash., Sept. 19, 2016 - Toray Carbon Fibers America, Inc. and Toray Composites (America), Inc. will be exhibiting at CAMX in Anaheim, California September 27-29 in booth T84 to promote their latest innovations in Carbon Fiber and Composite Material.

Toray's TORAYCA® brand carbon fibers are globally recognized for their outstanding performance, quality and processing consistency, making them the preferred choice of designers, engineers and fabricators worldwide.

Standard Modulus Carbon Fibers - typically exhibit a fiber modulus of 33-34 msi, or slightly higher. These are the most cost-effective fibers as measured by tensile strength or modulus per unit cost.

Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fibers (IM) - exhibit a tensile modulus of 42 msi. Originally developed for aerospace applications, IM fibers now find use in recreational and industrial applications as well.

High Modulus Carbon Fibers MJ and M-series - represent the highest modulus PAN-based carbon fibers available.

High Strength Carbon Fibers - Toray offers the highest tensile strength and highest strain-to-failure carbon fibers available in the world.

Toray is a leading global supplier of high quality composites prepreg materials, Toray offers a full product suite; Unidirectional Tape, Slit Tape, Fiberglass Fabrics, Carbon Fabrics and Resin Products. Toray's prepreg products are used for Aerospace, General Aviation, Recreation, Sporting Goods and Industrial applications.

Carbon Fiber Composite Prepreg Material

Aerospace - Toray's 3900 series prepregs are used for aircraft primary structures. The prepreg can come in a variety of forms including unidirectional tape for manual or automated tape layering applications, slit-tape-tow for automated fiber placement applications, and plain-weave carbon and glass fabrics.

General Aviation - Out of Autoclave (OOA) - Toray's 2510 resin system is specifically formulated to meet the stringent requirements of general aviation primary structural materials. Design Allowables accepted by the FAA and listed in CMH-17 Vol 2.

Recreation / Sporting Goods - G-94M is Toray's standard 250°F to 300°F cure system. This prepreg can be used for multiple purposes, and is found primarily in recreational and sporting goods applications. It provides excellent mechanical properties, controlled flow, great handling, and a high Tg.

Industrial - Toray's G83C resin system provides a quick cure (290°F for 20 min) or a low temperature cure (185°F for 6 hours) with the capability to achieve class "A" surface finish. This resin system can be used in a variety of applications such as industrial and aircraft grade products.

Stop by and see Toray's latest innovations in carbon fibers and engineered products at booth T84.

SOURCE Toray Carbon Fibers America, Inc. and Toray Composites (America), Inc.

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