Top 7 Things to Consider when Selecting a WCS Supplier

There are many variables, situations, business objectives and logistics that play into the design and implementation of a Warehouse Control System (WCS).

Here are the top elements that need special attention and consideration when researching a WCS solution:

1. Identify all your current and future needs and then select a WCS supplier that can meet those needs. Ask the questions "As I grow can this WCS supplier support me".

2. Does the WCS supplier design and develop all the software systems themselves? Are they seamless with the same look, feel and support?

3. Make certain the supplier software has real-time response. You want all the software to act in real-time.

4. Consider WCS suppliers that provides web-based and internet accessible analyses tools and metrics. This is a key feature that enables your staff to monitor your facilities remotely.

5. Make sure that the WCS supplier has software applications that release orders into the system in the most efficient sequence possible taking into account real time activities in all major picking areas.

6. If the WCS supplier has software tools that analyze picking metrics and then makes product re-slotting recommendations then that is a plus.

7. Have a supplier with 24/7/356 support. If you make a call, will the company be there to help with questions, technical issues and guidance?

SI Systems provides the whole WCS suite. We look at the need and find out what the client wants to do as well as finding out what's missing. SI Systems can handle hundreds to thousands of orders per hour. Learn more at

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