Tools for Singulating Tab Routed PCB Panels

Video of the N200 punch shows separation of round and odd shaped panels without dust.

Tab routed PCBs come in many shapes and sizes. Choosing the right tool for singulating these types of panels means matching the panel type and production quantites to the capacity of the equipment. Now you can check out videos showing the different tools and how they operate, at See whether routing or punch type singulation is the best match for your production process.

One low cost tool which can be used to cleanly singulate round tab routed PCBs is the N200, a top down air operated punch for separating Panels one tab at a time. An upper and lower matching knife blade is used to pinch the tabs apart. This method produces less stress on the PCB than a punch and die since the cutting action takes place from both sides.

The standard die set consists of an upper and lower knife for cutting a single tab at a time. The tab is positioned on the lower knife by placing the routed section of the panel on a set of locating pins and holding the PCB or letting it rest on the support table. The exact cutting location can be adjusted by turning an adjustment screw which brings the locating pins to the desired place for cutting a tab at the board end of the material. Pins can be adjusted in the x and y direction to bring them close to the sides of the cutting blade and to set up for a variety of different diameter panels.

Locating pins are mounted on quick change blocks which can be replaced easily for different board configurations.

The N200 is the ideal low cost tool for back up to your capital equipment punch systems which are used for high volume production. Now you can singulate low volume prototype boards or a set of replacement panels from an old order, without having to spend a fortune on tooling which may not be not justified for running only 10 panels at a time.

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