Toolmex Machinery Introduces TUR1350 MN/CNC Heavy-Duty Lathes

February 14, 2006

The new TUR1350MN heavy-duty CNC lathes were designed to accommodate the needs of today's leading companies that require superior quality, maximum flexibility and state-of-the-art CNC with load capacities up to 33,000 lbs.

The TUR series is a premium quality European built lathe that was designed with the US market in mind. Our TUR MN/CNC models offers 45",53" or 61" swing" x 78"-472" bc, Massive 40" wide bedway, with Siemens 810D manual turn or Fanuc 18T manual guide controls, spindle speeds up to 900 rpm, 5.5" to 17.7" spindle bores, load capacity to 15 Tons, choice of tooling systems and many other features desired in today's best built lathes.

The TUR series features a massive 44" wide bedway design has an extra wide ~7" front way resulting in greater stability and allowing heavier cuts. The standard Linear cross guideways with built in feedback scales increase the lathes lifespan while improving the lathes X axis accuracy. For added versatility, the heavy-duty tailstock features a 7.9" dia quill equipped with built in live center. The tailstock body rides on a bed of air during repositioning and can be moved via carriage rapid Z travel or manually due to the air assist. Finally, the "advance bed" design allows superior chip evaluation compared to normal large lathes since the conveyor is in the front of the bed, where most chips accumulate.

According to General Manager Tom Kob, "the TUR series is the type of large lathe that operators dream of...Maximum flexibility, ease of operation with loading and unloading, choice of Fanuc or Siemens controls and superior quality for maximum uptime. Add to this, the wide range of options available including: C-axis, live-tooling, boring attachment, hydraulic steadies and chucks; you have the makings of the possibly the most productive lathe in your plant."

Toolmex Machinery is the exclusive USA importer and national distributor of TUR quality lathes from Haco-Fat in Europe. With over 30 years of experience serving North America Toolmex is a leader in supplying the USA with medium and large Turning & Milling machinery from leading European manufacturers. For more information, photos or catalogs, please call Toolmex Machine Division at 847-301-3700 or on-line at

Tom Kob

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