Tooling System is designed for thin turret punch presses.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for all Strippit punch presses, 3½ in. station fully guided punch assemblies feature 0.0017 in. clearance between punch and stripper and 0.0006 in. between stripper and guide. Push button mechanism allows punch length adjustment in 0.008 in. increments. Options include model accepting Mate M4PM(TM) High-Speed Steel inserts for maximum performance when slitting around components and one that accepts inch shank Durasteel(TM) punches.

Original Press Release:

Mate Introduces New Xcel(TM) Fully Guided Tooling System for All Strippit Style Punch Presses

Anoka, Minnesota: Mate announces the expansion of its Xcel(TM) tooling system to include two new 3-1/2 inch station fully guided punch assemblies featuring fully guided strippers and premium high-speed steel slitting punch inserts. These new high performance tooling systems are designed for all Strippit punch presses.

"This Mate Xcel fully guided tooling system is the first and only truly fully guided tooling system for thin turret punch presses," reports Andy Spence Parsons, marketing manager for Mate Precision Tooling. "What's unique about the system is that it guides the tip of the punch relative to the stripper AND guides the stripper relative to the punch guide assembly. The guide holds the stripper rigidly while the stripper guides the tip of the punch for high precision, fully guided punching performance."

Ensuring the fully guided performance are the precise clearances between punch and stripper - 0.0017 inch (0.04mm) and stripper and guide - 0.0006 inch (0.02mm). Only the Mate Xcel fully guided design provides these tight tolerances.

Two Xcel Fully Guided Options Available - Both Made Of Special Steel For Longest Life

Mate's Xcel Fully Guided Tooling has two options, one that accepts Mate M4PM(TM) High Speed Steel inserts for maximum performance when slitting around components, the second accepts conventional inch shank Durasteel(TM) punches. Both utilize the same Xcel Fully Guided stripper for interchangeability ease.

For longest tool life, the Xcel slitting punch inserts are manufactured of Mate's exclusive M4PM premium high speed steel. According to Mate, this steel is a very homogeneous, high quality tool steel with superior wear resistance and increased toughness, proven by many satisfied users.

Mate's Inch Shank Punches are manufactured from DuraSteel(TM) for superior hardness and toughness with extended interval between regrinds. Both the M4PM and Durasteel punches are available with Mate's Maxima® coating for extreme punching applications.

Additional Mate Xcel Fully Guided Tooling Design Features

o A special push button mechanism allows punch length adjustment in 0.008 inch (0.20mm) increments for fast and precise tool setup without disassembly.
o Interchangeable punch drivers allow a guide originally configured for inch shank punches to be converted to accept slitting punch inserts and vise-versa. Driver exchange takes just seconds without hand tools.
o Both Mate Xcel Guides can accommodate existing non-guided strippers for non-guided backwards compatibility and maximum convenience.
o Exclusive Mate Slug Free® die geometry eliminates slug pulling to improve piece part quality and increase tool life.
o 100 percent unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee as with ALL Mate tooling products.

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